Sleep | Wellness Series

yoga for sleep

Yoga for Sleep More than 71 % of people across the country do not get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, which can have a severe impact on physical and mental wellbeing. As a wellness coach, I see many clients who report not being able to get to sleep or get […]

Stress | Wellness Series

yoga for stress

Yoga for Stress The word stress often has negative connotations to it. However, in truth, stress is a double-edged sword. Too much stress can be unhealthy, but we need some stress to create a healthy level of motivation and a push to resolve inevitable challenges and issues that are essential to our growth. Stress can […]

Burnout | Wellness Series

yoga for burnout

Yoga for Burnout What is burnout? It is a term we often refer to, particularly interchangeably with stress, but what does it actually mean?  As a wellbeing coach working with adults and young people, burnout often presents in a plethora of ways with one common factor – exhaustion. Recently the World Health Organisation classified burnout […]

Anxiety | Wellness Series

yoga for anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety As a wellness coach, one of the most common features I see in people with anxiety is an overwhelming incapacity to cope with day-to-day life. Daily tasks that were once manageable become insurmountable, decision-making becomes almost impossible, and overthinking takes over. Worries about the future increase in frequency and intensity, alongside physical […]

Low Mood | Wellness Series

yoga for low mood

Yoga for Low Mood Low mood is a common human experience that affects all of us at some points in our lives. The range of low mood can vary from having a low day to a crippling and consistent sense of hopelessness and futility. Unlike Anxiety, where our mind is mainly in the future worrying […]

Coaching + Reiki | Discovering more of who you are

Daniela Vanasco Studio Manager | Wellbeing, Life & Leadership Coach | Reiki Master This is my inspiration – seeing the beauty and potential emerge in those I work with in whatever capacity that is; to extend an invitation of self-discovery. Originally from America, I have been involved in the entertainment and wellness industries for many […]

How yoga saved my life

Yoga & Mental Health

I have been suffering from various mental illnesses (Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder) since my teenage years but in 2017, I reached crisis point. I found myself in the deepest, darkest pit of existence and was plagued with self-hatred. I had stopped getting out of bed, showering and eating. I couldn’t leave the house […]

Practice while you can

Nadia Gilani

This is a mantra I’ve repeated hundreds of thousands of times over the years when I was too hungover, depressed, heartbroken, anxious, sad or just couldn’t be arsed to get to the yoga studio. It’s also what I’ve told many people I’ve taught. Not just the able-bodied ones, but especially the less able, older people, […]