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Aerial Yoga Classes Near Streatham

Aerial Yoga Classes Near Streatham

Tap into inner peace, mindfulness and serenity with The Shala’s aerial yoga classes near Streatham. Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga, offers an exciting and relaxing way for you to unwind, foster a sense of weightlessness, and find balance amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Allow yourself to be guided by our experienced teachers as you navigate through a series of mindful movements, creating a space for introspection and tranquility within yourself.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga combines traditional postures with a low-hanging hammock. This fresh perspective on conventional poses, allows exploration through profound stretches, soothing breathwork, and fluid motions. This distinctive method not only stimulates the body but also encourages mental engagement in an active and revitalising manner.

Aerial yoga facilitates a more profound interaction with gravity, promoting improved flexibility, heightened spinal decompression, and a deepened union between mind and body. Its playful and liberating essence creates a transformative journey that transcends the confines of standard yoga, inviting participants to discover liberation through the practice of movement and mindfulness.

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What To Expect from Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga offers a plethora of benefits to the mind, body and soul. Here’s what you can expect to experience during and after aerial yoga:

Improved Balance and Coordination: Aerial yoga challenges balance and coordination, enhancing proprioception and body awareness.

Enhanced Circulation: Inversions in aerial yoga can facilitate blood flow to the upper body, providing benefits for the cardiovascular system.

Mood Enhancement: The playful nature of aerial yoga releases endorphins which improve your overall mood.

Increased Confidence: Overcoming the challenges presented by aerial yoga poses can boost self-confidence and promote a positive self-image.

Mindfulness and Focus: Aerial yoga encourages practitioners to focus on the present moment, fostering mindfulness and concentration.

Unique Experience: Aerial yoga provides a fresh and dynamic approach to traditional yoga, offering practitioners a unique and exhilarating wellness experience.

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