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Aerial Yoga Classes Near Dulwich

Aerial Yoga near Dulwich

Relax, rejuvenate and hang out in The Shala’s aerial yoga classes near Dulwich. Our aerial yoga classes are designed to unite your mind, body, and soul in a playful yet peaceful manner. From deep stretches to refreshing breathwork, we aim to create a harmonious balance within, promoting both physical strength and mental clarity.

With experienced teachers guiding you through each session, you can expect to explore a variety of invigorating poses and movements that challenge and uplift your spirit. Join us at The Shala to discover the transformative power of aerial yoga and embark on a journey towards inner tranquility and holistic well-being.

Freedom of the Mind and Body

Aerial yoga is a liberating practice that frees the mind and soul due to its playful and relaxing nature. The aerial yoga workshop combines traditional postures with a low-hanging hammock, giving you access to a variety of yoga poses that may not be accessible with mat-based yoga. This will allow you to explore your body and test your limits while experiencing pleasure, lightness, and stillness in the mind.

Aerial yoga works with gravity in a beneficial way; it provides gentle traction for the spine, which can help alleviate back pain and tension. By allowing the body to hang freely in the hammock, the spinal vertebrae can decompress and elongate, providing relief for compressed discs and promoting better spinal alignment.

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Discover Aerial Yoga Poses

Much like traditional yoga, aerial yoga is a slow-paced class, so you can enjoy every breath, stretch, and movement. In our class, you can discover an array of postures and poses under the gentle guidance of our teachers. Here are some poses to look out for:

Floating Shavasana: A relaxing pose where you lie back in the hammock, allowing it to support your entire body weight while you gently rock and focus on deep breathing and relaxation.

Flying Pigeon Pose: This pose involves balancing on one leg while the opposite leg is extended behind, creating a deep hip stretch with the support of the hammock.

Aerial Downward-Facing Dog: Similar to the traditional yoga pose, this variation utilises the hammock to support the body weight and allows for a deeper stretch through the arms, shoulders, and back.

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