Yoga Foundations 1 | Deepening your Practice IN STUDIO

This experiential yoga foundations 1 is for anyone who wishes to deepen their exploration and understanding of yoga for their own personal development, as well as for those who are beginning their teacher training journey with us. It is a rich, rewarding and life affirming course run by exceptionally experienced lead teachers Gingi Lee & Kath Roberts or Melanie Cooper.

Yoga Foundations 1: Deepening Your Practice | 65 hours | IN STUDIO

with Gingi Lee, Kath Roberts

This 65-hour Yoga Foundations 1 course provides an immersive experience of yoga where you can delve deeper in to the practices in 

a way that is experiential, transformative and meaningful. On a personal level it offers an opportunity for growth, evolution, healing, nurture, exploration and connection to self and others. Additionally it provides a forum to explore the riches and layers of yoga in a way that is rarely possible in regular classes and even in workshops.

This course is open to anyone who has a committed and regular yoga practice. It is also the starting point for those embarking on our teacher training programme or are considering it. Many students come on our 200-hour training because they wish to deepen their connection to yoga and and evolve on a personal level. Their objective is not necessarily to teach (although in the end the vast majority do in fact feel inspired and motivated to teach!). 

As a result we have now adapted our programme into two main modules to allow people to dip their toes in to exploring yoga on a deeper level before committing to training as a teacher. Everyone on our 200-hour teacher training programme starts with Foundations 1, which is the explorative and experiential phase where we learn through our own personal practice and connection to yoga.

Those who then do wish to go on and teach and gain a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification move on to Foundations 2

Foundations 1 will usually run twice a year, one course with Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts, the other with Melanie Cooper all of whom have been teaching for 20+ years and have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. The dates for both upcoming courses are listed below.

Read more about our 200-hour teacher training programme here.

Course Overview

Yoga Foundations 1 comprises 65 hours split into long weekends over 3-4 months. This course immerses students in an experiential rather than theoretical yoga journey and provides the launch point for our 200-hour programme. 

You will spend a total of 8 days in our beautiful, light and airy studio in South London delving deeper into Asana as well as some practice of pranayama, chanting and meditation and some exploration of the ethics of yoga. Some reading will be required for this module along with some assignments.

Philosophy Teacher Training

Course Content

This Yoga Foundations 1 course will focus on the following:

  • Deepening your own personal asana practice 
  • Breaking down poses  and looking at technique and alignment
  • A deeper exploration of what yoga is beyond the physical practice
  • Introducing you to some pranayama  techniques
  • Introducing you to some meditation techniques
  • Introducing the Ethics of Yoga and how we can live yoga rather than “do” yoga

A typical day starts with  pranayama, meditation and/or chanting  and an asana practice.

After studying Foundations 1, students who wish to go on and develop teaching skills and gain a 200-hr qualification will study Foundations 2. Those who are studying to deepen their personal yoga journey, may choose to stop here or to delve into any shorter specialist courses that the Shala offer including Philosophy and Anatomy.

Yoga Teacher Training

Teacher Bio


Gingi Lee

Co-Director, Teacher Trainer, Senior Ashtanga Yoga, Aerial & Yamuna Bodyrolling Teacher

Co-director of the Shala, Gingi founded the studio in 1997 as one of London’s first dedicated ashtanga yoga centre. He has been teaching yoga for over 25 years and is one of the country’s most senior ashtanga yoga teachers. Read Gingi’s Biog and his own personal story here.



Kath Roberts

Teacher Trainer, Senior Ashtanga, Hatha & Iyengar Yoga Teacher

With over 30 years experience of yoga, Kath has an extraordinary depth of knowledge of the yoga practice. This extensive wisdom, combined with her warmth, generosity and innate humility, make her a particularly unique and special teacher. Read Kath’s Biog.

Gingi Lee & Kath Roberts Teacher Trainers

Course Dates

The course has the following schedule:

  • Saturday–Monday 10–12 September 2022 WEEKEND 1 | Gingi & Kath's Course

    9am-6pm | IN STUDIO

  • Saturday & Sunday 8–9 October 2022 WEEKEND 2 | Gingi & Kath's Course

    9am-6pm | IN STUDIO

  • Saturday–Monday 19–21 November 2022 WEEKEND 3 | Gingi & Kath's Course

    9am-6pm | IN STUDIO


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