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Energy Balancing | Yoga Science Teacher Training IN STUDIO

Part of our Inspire & Ignite Your Teaching Path series, this module will enable you to teach using the wisdom of the Chakras to help your students find balance within.

Energy Balancing | Yoga Science Teacher Training | IN STUDIO

Inspire & Ignite Your Teaching Path Series | Charli Van Ness | 10am–5pm Saturday 30 March

Are you curious to learn more about the ‘magic’ in yoga, the Yoga Science. There are many aspects to this subject but in this session we are focusing on the energetics within this ancient system known as the ‘Chakras’. This is always a fascinating subject and one many are curious to learn more about. It is also a great subject to bring into your class plans as each primary chakra has a clear intention, anatomical benefit, deity, meaning and can create diverse rich content within your teaching, even down to the food and drinks you provide if and when hosting workshops or retreats. This module will enable you to teach using the wisdom of the Chakras to help your students find balance within. 

An informative and  ‘eye opening’ day to gain a deeper understanding to the unseen in yoga and remind us we are energy, made up of matter vibrating at a frequency.  

Energy Balancing Course Content

Energy Balancing | Yoga Science  

1 Day Module from the Inspire & Ignite Teacher Training Series  

Includes the following: 

  • Introduction to Pendulum/Crystals for Energy Balancing 
  • Demonstration students pairing for Pendulum- Reading Chakra 
  • Chakra Workshop – including Relaxation, Postures (Asanas), Breathwork (Pranayama), Mindfulness (Dharana), Meditation (Dhyana), Hand Gestures (Mudras), Sacred Song (Mantras), Chakra Dance (Sahaja Movement) 
  • Partner Work – Chakra Points Hands and Feet 
  • History about Chakras 
  • Sushumna/Ida/Pingula Nadis/Kundalini Theory 
  • Chakras Broken Down; Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Location, Colour, Food, Sound, Function, Gemstones 
  • Self-Diagnostic Chakra Test 
  • Practicum 
  • Chakra Chant 

Practical Information

  • Please bring a notebook and pen. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes to practice yoga + your favourite blanket. Don’t worry if you forget as we have plenty of blankets and props here for you to use.  
  • Please make a note when booking of any ailments and injuries Charli should know about 
  • Though part of a series, these are offered as stand-alone CPD Teacher Training Days. 
  • You will receive a PDF Manual for this Module.  

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Charli Van Ness Teacher Biography

Teacher Trainer, E-RYT-500 hours

Charli teaches Classes, Workshops, Teacher Trainings Retreats to the community of all ages, especially to those who are vulnerable or in recovery. She has been teaching since 2005 and is an E-RYT 500hrs Yoga Teacher. She has run her own RYS 200hrs Teacher Training School since 2007 and collaborates with the Shala School of Yoga on our 200-hour Teacher Training Course for those wishing to become teachers or for self development. Being a YACEP Provider, Charli also runs short CPD Courses – KulaKids Teacher Training, Padme Humm Sound Healing CPD Training + Women’s Wellbeing CPD Training. Charli is in absolute JOY when sharing her healing modality ‘Sound Energy Medicine’ (VibroAcoustic Therapy) + Womb Mandala Healing delivered in Groups, Privately + to accompany Art Therapy and Massage Therapists in Treatments. 

Charli is a mamma to 4 children, 2 dogs + devoted to her life partner Matt. Off the mat her aim is to live a life full of heart, compassion, creativity, empathy with an ethical ethos in everything she does….whether its making a fire, getting messy in the kitchen, climbing the walls, walking in the forest, to dancing her heart out with family + friends. Living a simple but full life in East Sussex. Charli is in love with the ‘human body’ and since she was 2yrs old she has enjoyed the art of movement, this has included her teaching to the community Dance, Acrobatics, Yoga and her recent passion Climbing to help climbers improve their performance with Yoga. 

Qualifications : 300hrs Yandara Advanced Yoga Training (Mexico & Hawaii), 200hrs Power Yoga Training (UK), CPD 6 Days Yoga Therapy Training, Yoga Nidra Training (UK), Sound Energy Medicine (VibroAcoustic Therapy Training) (UK), Meditation Training (UK), AcroYoga Dance Training (UK), NATD Acrobatics Teachers & NATD Tap, Ballet, Modern & Disco Teachers, Physical Education & Biology Advanced Level.

Highlights: Creator & Founder of Yoga Rhythm (est.2005) & Yoga Rhythm Teacher Training School of Excellence (est.2007), 1st British Advanced Training Scholarship Award Winner with Yoga Alliance International (2016), Produced Yoga Rhythm Foundation Series DVD voted one of the Top 10 Fitness DVDs by FitPro. Produced Natural Fertility Booster series 3xDVD Boxset recognised by the Western Medical Health Industry. Featured in Magazines, Tabloids & on the SKY Media Network. 

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Course Dates

This is a one-day course in the studio 

  • Saturday 30 March 2024 IN STUDIO



Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.

Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.