Raluca Musat

Raluca shares her knowledge of yoga in a generous and whole-hearted way. She teaches with intelligence and precision, encouraging us to slow down and explore body and mind in a more contemplative way.

Raluca Musat

Yin & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Raluca has been practising yoga since 2004. She started teaching in 2011, under the guidance of Irene Zaarour, founder of the Anahata Yoga Centre in Bucharest and of Gingi Lee in London. Whilst her main regular practice is astanga yoga, she also attends classes in other styles (e.g. vinyasa flow, yin, and hatha yoga). Over the years, she has practiced with Carly MountainRoberta GianottiHamish HendryNorman BlairSusanne Lahusen and Gingi Lee, to whom she is deeply grateful. Raluca completed a teacher-training course with Yoga Campus London, a course which has given her the ability to widen her teaching and techniques beyond one particular style and the confidence to develop her own voice as a teacher. Raluca teaches regular classes, which combine poses from yin and restorative yoga in order to help calm the mind and release tension in the body.

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