yoga teacher training

Embark on a 200-hour yoga teacher training foundation programme with an exceptionally experienced team of teachers led by Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts.

Yoga Teacher Training | 200-hour Foundation Course

in South London

The Shala School of Yoga offers teacher trainings to a small group of students each year. Our unique programme brings together some of the UK’s most well respected and inspirational teachers to offer a transformational foundation course with well over 200 hours of tuition, practice and study. The faculty includes Gingi Lee, Kath Roberts, Mark Kan, Norman Blair, Ruth Westoby, Melanie Cooper, Hamish Hendry and Ben Wolff. The next programme starts in September 2018, offering a foundation for anyone wishing to embark on a career as a yoga teacher, giving students the opportunity to be part of a thriving London yoga studio and community.  It also serves as a practitioners intensive for those wishing to enrich their own personal yoga journey. Not all applicants are guaranteed a place and we do have a thorough selection process. The course takes place over 9 months (for specific dates see below) and it is possible to study whilst being in full time employment.

The Shala Teacher Training Programme 2018

Course Overview

This comprehensive immersion programme examines all aspects of the science of yoga, from the physical practices of asana, pranayama, kriya and anatomy to the mental, philosophical and spiritual nature of the practice undertaken through academic study of the yoga scriptures and the main literary texts. 

A rigorous practical focus to the programme provides students with plenty of insight into teaching methodology as well as invaluable experience of teaching practice with continual ongoing assessment to offer individual guidance and support for the duration of the course.


Graduate Course Feedback

"Words can't describe how transformational this course has been. I would do it again and again!"


"I feel for me there has been a shift in my life and I feel uplifted and so grateful to Gingi, Mark, Kath, Ella and all the guest teachers. I’ve learned so much, Through their passion enthusiasm and knowledge for the yoga. This is just the start for me and I have an amazing foundation to keep building on. Thank you so much."

"Strongly recommend! The experience that the teachers have in the field of yoga is priceless!"

"Fantastic course. All have put their heart and soul into it and its clear for all to see!!!"

"I have loved the course so far, the knowledge, skills and wisdom from amazing teachers has been wonderful."

"I think The Shala’s teacher training programme is an excellent base to start studying and looking deeper into all aspects of yoga... Huge gratitude to the lead teachers who espouse the qualities of great yogis. And many thanks for all the guest teachers and everyone else in the background. It’s been a great journey and I’m proud to have started it all with Gingi Lee and Mark Kan."

"I will be forever grateful to you all for our training – it was just brilliant!" 

"This training has been transformational to an extent that I didn't expect. The depth of knowledge shared has been a huge privilege and much more than I could have hoped for."

"what most surprised me was the amount of support and nurture found on Gingi, Mark , Norman and Kath. I feel increasingly secure and confident on passing on the yoga teachings."

"I have finished the course brimming with confidence and looking forward to the future."

"The Shala TTC has been incredibly transformational and has given me insight into many different aspects of yoga. I feel I have benefitted from the wisdom of some incredible teachers and for that I am very grateful."

"I say, by experience, that it was by far the best yoga teacher training that I was ever involved with. I am finally at the point where I can say that Yes, I am a yoga teacher. The experience and nurturing and knowledge given by the Shala team was so impressive that I am sure that what I have learned is already encrypted in my teaching! I couldn’t be more satisfied!"

"The knowledge of the teachers is incredible"

"This course already contains so much more than I hoped for!"

"I really appreciate all of the thought and preparation that has gone into the course. I am very grateful for all of the teachers and for everyone's preparation and time dedicated to putting this course on. I have learned so much."

"I can't believe that I have been blessed with such amazing teachers."

"Completing this course was a deeply transformational experience for me; I learned so much about yoga and about myself. Practically, the course was assembled with evident care and informed by Gingi, Mark and Norman's vast collective experience, and it covered a lot more material than I was expecting. I particularly appreciated the advanced pranayama and kriya techniques, voice exercises, metta meditation and qi gong. Personally it was delivered by all tutors with insight, care and compassion and deep personal commitments to sharing all the wonderful wisdom of yoga. I'm really excited to translate all of this into teaching!"


"an intense, inspiring and wonderful year studying at the Shala... huge gratitude to the beautiful teachers and fellow yogis who have guided me through this journey."

Teaching Faculty 2018

The Shala School of Yoga brings together an exceptionally experienced and gifted team of teachers giving a broad and diverse exploration of the subject. Leading the 2018 course are Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts.  Together they bring over 50 combined years of teaching experience and both have themselves come from a strong lineage of teachers under whom they themselves studied.

Lead Teacher: Gingi Lee
The founder of the Shala, Gingi has taught, trained and inspired many British and international yoga teachers over the last two decades. Gingi studied Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga principally with Derek Ireland as well as Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Read more on his Biography

Gingi is "a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, who engages with the students and creates an open and honest environment for sharing and learning."

"I didn't expect to go so deep with this practice on the TTC. Very intense and emotional experience. Gingi held such a safe supportive space it was really special."

"I feel very lucky to learn from such a gifted adjuster. Gingi has such a lovely approach to this art."

Lead Teacher: Kath Roberts

Kath has been an integral part of the 2017 faculty and has been teaching with Gingi at the Shala since 2003. With 30 years of teaching experience, she brings an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge as a teacher. Kath's far-reaching influences include Sivananda, Ashtanga and most noticeably Iyengar and she fuses these styles in her teachings, creating a rich and informed approach to yoga. Read more on her Biography.

"Kath is an outstanding teacher who combines a wonderful understanding of technique and purpose with great empathy and compassion."

"Kath is an authentic and dedicated teacher who teaches with infinite humility, integrity and compassion."

"Kath is an experienced teacher and it shows in her delivery. She is kind, humble and her students are her priority."


Key to the team are: Ruth Westoby who will delve deep into the History and Philosophy of yoga; Melanie Cooper who brings Anatomy and Physiology to life; Mark Kan presenting the fascinating Science of Yoga, Norman Blair introducing us to Yin practices, Ben Wolff presenting Breathwork and Yoga Nidra and Hamish Hendry sharing his experiences and invaluable insight on teaching and Ashtanga Yoga.  See more information on our guest teachers below. 




This course is a foundation yoga course which will introduce students to the vast subject of yoga. The Asana module will be influenced by ashtanga but will be broad in scope using the ashtanga sequence as a framework to explore postures and hands-on adjustments in more depth. We will explore an accessible beginners vinyasa sequence, in addition to the full ashtanga primary sequence and students will be equipped to go on to teach ashtanga or to explore vinyasa sequencing of their own. The approach will be non-dogmatic and will touch on the traditional and more contemporary approaches to yoga. Gingi will offer a module on how to teach hands-on adjustments and Kath will give detailed alignment and technical break down of the postures.

A typical day starts with pranayama, meditation and/or chanting and an asana practice. There are 210 contact hours in total in addition to 80-100 non-contact hours required for assignments and coursework. For more on how the course breaks down please see the drop down menu on Syllabus Breakdown below.

By the end of the course we expect students to

  • be able to confidently teach a dynamic led Level 1 and Level 2 class influenced by the ashtanga system 
  • be able to safely adjust many of the postures in the ashtanga primary series
  • have an understanding of anatomy & physiology and be able to translate this into their teachings
  • have a connection with the philosophical and historical roots of yoga and transmit this into teaching
  • have a full grasp of the ethics of yoga and how this translates into being a teacher
  • be confident to lead simple pranayama, meditation and chanting within the class
  • have a deeper connection to yoga and be living yoga beyond the mat



Yoga History & Philosophy

Ruth Westoby presents the Yoga philosophy module of the course, which gives an overview of yogic history and philosophy from modern day yoga to the vedic or pre-classical period. Ruth's "passion and knowledge of the subject... is exhilarating to witness."

Ruth holds a Masters’ degree with Distinction in Indian Philosophy and Religions from the School of Oriental and African Studies. She runs philosophy workshops at Astanga Yoga London and teaches history and philosophy modules on a number of yoga teacher training courses. She is also Authorised Level Two in the Astanga Yoga lineage. Ruth spends her mornings practicing and assisting at AYL, her days with her kids and her evenings studying Sanskrit.


Anatomy & Physiology

The module on human anatomy and physiology are presented by Melanie Cooper, who has been teaching yoga for 20 years, mainly at the Life Centre where she ran the morning Mysore practice and at Brahmani in Goa where she ran teacher trainings for many years. Melanie brings human anatomy to life in an engaging, interactive and highly accessible way making it interesting, fun and always relevant to yoga. 

Guest Teachers

An inspiring line-up of guest teachers includes Mark Kan, Norman BlairHamish Hendry and Ben Wolff who offer inspiration and insight in to key aspects of the practice ranging from the Science of Yoga to Yin, Dharma philosophy and Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra with Ben Wolff

"This was mindblowing stuff. Whatever words I try to put to it will totally inadequately describe what I thought about this session. This is not everyday yoga, but it is why I do yoga - to get experiences that change my perception in some important way. He also seems so genuinely and personally connected to everyone. I don't know how he does it but it's another of those experiences that remind you that there is 'real' life out there..."

"Overwhelming, unexpected and brilliant"

Dharma Philosophy with Hamish Hendry

"Great, amazing, virtuous, charismatic teacher, knowledgable, yet humble, with a clear self-awareness and self-reflection that allows him to share his knowledge from a space of love."

Yin with Norman Blair

Norman "has an amazing amount of knowledge. It is clear he is passionate and his self-inquiry is very inspiring. He is able to share intricate insights into life in a lighthearted manner still getting across their profoundness."

Science of Yoga with Mark Kan

"This is an area of yoga that I was really looking forward to studying in this teacher training, and Mark described it beautifully. His diagrams of the koshas and prana vayus are stuck in my head, hopefully permanently. I think it is so interesting to think of the body working in a different way and quite helpful for gaining a fuller picture of what it is to be a human alive on this planet."

"Mark clearly put so much effort into teaching this module and had some amazing insights. Explained a very difficult topic extremely simply and clearly. Loved it."



Our Mission

Our aim is to produce a new generation of inspiring and talented teachers with a highly informed methodology in all aspects of modern yoga. We run the course over a 10 month period to allow time to assimilate the teachings and to evolve on your own personal journey. This gives space for reading, coursework and teaching practice, which are all essential components of the course. Our objective is that these graduates will go on to teach yoga with passion, confidence and integrity and in turn inspire more authentic yoga in the world. We support this course with an apprenticeship scheme for graduates and a second tier 500-hour modular advanced training which will be launched in 2019.