Over almost two decades the Shala has existed as a vibrant community of like-minded people. A diverse mix of people connected through yoga. So many amazing and interesting people have come through our studio doors and on our many yoga retreats, all of whom have helped create the welcoming and friendly community we are known for. Here are a few of the many special people who have been a part of our evolution – and some of the things that they have said. 


Debbie | Cevennes Retreat | France


Alan | The Shala


Frances & Zenya | EcoYoga Retreat | Scotland


Rowan | Puglia Retreat | Italy

"The teachers you have at The Shala are wonderful, so supportive and positive, accepting of all of our different 'places' and directions of travel. It's such a commendable achievement to have set up a place where this is possible – for everyone. I feel like finally I am myself again, such a powerful thing!" BK

"Arriving here is like pressing the reset button... it is so tranquil and calming" EC

"your new centre is lovely, already it has good Prana. Being high up is bringing light and energy into the Practice... because of Gingi's way of teaching by guiding but never intruding, this will be a place for people to grow in Yoga." IM


Rob & Deena | Puglia Retreat | Italy 

"my deep heartfelt thanks for this beautiful haven you have created. As soon as I stepped through the doors I knew it would be okay. The whole atmosphere, attitude of teachers, teaching style, non egocentric, caring ethos enveloped me. I felt safe and welcomed. Thank you for bringing me back to yoga." BK

"I loved everything about The Shala! This was my first visit and everyone made me feel so welcome"

"Thank you for the wonderful memory that you and your centres have given to me in the form of the yoga practice and just how much that has enhanced my own life. When I do my practice I know that it is because of you and your commitment and devotion to both your students and your practice" SH

"At last I've found the perfect yoga studio in south London!"

"Gingi's devotion and spirit shine through, it is an amazing space for us all" GS

"a life changing experience for us and something for which we will always be thankful." SR

"I love the Shala. It has changed my life." JK

"the whole experience at the Shala has been absolutely amazing." MP


Mark & Nicola | La Gomera Retreat | Canary Islands


Marta | Puglia Retreat | Italy


Tai Chi | EcoYoga | Scotland

"Pilates at the Shala has done wonders for my back. After suffering years of upper and lower back pain, I now have more movement and strength – and a lot less pain – than I've had in over a decade."

"I love the energy that fills your studio. Every class has left me feeling taller, stronger and much more relaxed." DD

"Gingi and Ella have created a special place - I have been with them for over a decade and they are an important part of my well being... they attract teachers and yogis with great spirits, with which I have been able to continue, return and develop with freedom and ease. Oh, and did I say the quality of teaching is just superb?"

"your yoga centre was the most welcoming I have visited. As a newcomer to yoga, I'd tried various different classes (gyms, fitness centres, etc) before yours and found most to be impersonal. The Shala was a truly positive experience for me and the classes always brightened my day." ML

"The Shala - an oasis of calm in the middle of West Norwood. We are so lucky to have such a high quality resource in a local London community. There is such a wide choice of excellent teachers, classes and times as well as the many interesting and varied workshops that are on offer. The atmosphere is one of calm, welcome and friendliness while offering highly professional classes with highly professional teachers. More and more opportunities are being added to what the Shala has to offer - it's always looking to improve."

"I am convinced that my yoga practise throughout my pregnancy, enabled me to have the body and spirit preparation for the amazing birth experience that I was blessed with. I'm so happy I found the Shala!" KD

"You seem to have engendered a real sense of community involving both your staff as well as your members. I'm constantly chatting to people that I've never met before... People seem keen to engage with each other. The teachers are equally approachable and friendly".

"it has been 30 years since i last did an actual exercise class so i was nervous and shy but the whole Shala set up is amazingly welcome and full on nice. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone thinking of a change or just simply curious! LW


Sharon | Puglia Retreat | Italy


Mysore practice | Les Cevennes | France

"I am loving the Shala so much; great teaching, so chilled. Love it. I am so happy to have an opportunity to return Home to my Practice. It is perfect for me. The energy you have created is a little bit of magic in South London." SA

"I am not sure if it is an exaggeration to say that the Shala is life changing, but the last 7 months of my life have definitely changed in a big way thanks to such a joyful, humourous and sincere introduction to yoga." HT

"Thank you for an excellent yoga workshop. It was one of those magical weekends... Wonderful moments spent with lovely people in a fantastic place. The energy was so good....10/10 rating." IM

"Thank you for creating this little piece of heaven for us all." IL

"A beautiful, blessed space. Such positive energy." MS

"A stunning space! The best place in London. Gingi & Ella, it's awesome – amazing job! Great coffee too made by the good barista Master G! ;-)" HO

"The Shala is a special, special yoga shala that is so dear to my heart. It is the first place I stumbled upon in London and it was where I began my incredible and humbling Mysore journey" PR

"thank you for a great Summer of re-energising my ashtanga yoga practice and helping me discover the joys of Pilates under the ever-watchful eyes of Diveen and Clare. I didn't think I would enjoy Pilates, but the two really are complimentary and I have come on leaps and bounds (literally) with my yoga since improving my core strength through Pilates. Big thanks to all – the Shala really is a wonderful resource to have in the area, at last!" RJ


Ulpotha Yoga Retreat | Sri Lanka


Jeremie, James & Co | Moroccan Retreat


Les Cevennes Retreats  | France 

"Thank you for the special opportunity to enjoy my practice with you. I felt so much energy in the Shala I had never felt before." DS

"Lovely place, lovely people and the two of you made it really special as always. You always manage to make it really memorable." AM

"thank you so much for an amazing weekend... Thank you Ella for organising everything to perfection and being relentlessly lovely and thank you Gingi for wonderful teaching, it was brilliant to listen to you talk about yoga, very inspiring... everyone loved the weekend and didn't want to go home." RH

"Thank you both so much for such a wonderful holiday. Time away with you is always so much fun and really special. I've been high as a kite for weeks." VJ


Lisa, Dean, Chris & Co | Puglia Retreat | Italy


Picnic al fresco | Puglia Retreat | Italy


Helena | Cevennes Retreat | Italy 


Simon | La Gomera Retreat | Canary Islands 

"a very special place in the community." ME

"it has been the best thing I ever did to join the Shala." FM

"I absolutely loved your yoga at your special venue. It helped me so much during my recovery. Amazing place." MS

"A real find in the bustle of London. It's a haven – amazing studios, great classes, therapies and above all the man who makes the Shala what it is …. Mr Gingi Lee!" HO

The Shala is so energetically alive, the concerted efforts of the teachers and practitioners makes it a living and breathing space. SS

"Many thanks Gingi and Ella for creating such a great, harmonious and joyful yoga centre. Had a tremendous practice today with other yogis. Cannot wait to roll out my mat tomorrow morning." CW


"A MASSIVE thank you for yet another A-mazing holiday. The three of us are still on cloud 9. I know organizing these holidays means LOTS of work for you and we really appreciated every minute. The yoga was fantastic and the days out to the river were a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it all happen." KE 

"thanks so much for a really special retreat. It was wonderful, just hanging out, laughing and practicing with Shala students and fellow yogis beyond with lots of space for quiet time too. I got so many gifts through conversations and learnings in class that I feel I have started moving my practice to a deeper level." NG