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Yoga for the family

Family yoga is the perfect activity for the whole family, creating bonds through partner poses, acrobatics, stories, mindful games and play. Share quality time together and relax!

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We are excited to be offering new monthly family yoga workshops. Each month we will have a weekend workshop for parents and children aged 4 and up and another one for families with children aged 8 and over. Everyone is welcome to join, including extra siblings, grandparents and carers.

Family yoga is a fun, flowing experience to increase family bonds and for adults and children alike to share a mindful, healthy activity in a non-competitive and stimulating environment. Each workshop will also introduce breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques in fun and accessible ways. For children, behaviour improves as they learn to regulate emotions and for adults, the workshop encourages playfulness and being present in the moment – away from the responsibilities and busy schedule of family life!

These monthly events are for you and your family to have quality, precious time together, away from distractions and technology. Here, our lovely teacher Siobhan shares the many benefits of Family yoga and why she loves teaching these workshops:

“For me, Family yoga is definitely my favourite class to teach as it is so special to watch bonds grow over time as children and adults play freely together and learn side by side. Very rarely do families get to come together in an environment that is non- competitive or goal-orientated. In Family Yoga everyone has a part to play and each person is encouraged to simply be themselves. The workshops that we offer will be similar to the classes that were previously on the schedule, except we will have more time to delve deeper into story telling, animal postures, partner poses, acrobatics and games whilst gently sharing the yamas and niyamas – guidelines on how to live and behave with more kindness and compassion. What I’ve found in particular is that breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques are so well received by the parents and children alike and these tools are something you can take home to practice and incorporate into your daily lives.”

Among the many benefits, family yoga:
• promotes adaptability, confidence and self-esteem
• alleviates anxiety and depression and reduces stress
• enhances flexibility, strength and increases muscle tone, motor skills and awareness of body
• teaches how to self-regulate emotions
• improves behaviour and sleeping patterns
• strengthens family bonds and improves communication

As always, we will be playing mindful games together in a group which will allows for fun, play and exploration, and importantly, adults also get the chance to reconnect to their inner child. Children receive so much when they see adults relaxed, having fun and being present. We can’t wait! Expect to leave the workshops feeling relaxed, bonded and full of joy.

For more information on both events, head over to our workshop page here.

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