Beginners Flow Yoga virtual

A beginners class to improve stamina, strength and flexibility, providing the foundations for a safe and beneficial yoga practice.

Beginner Flow Yoga Class

VIRTUAL online classes livestreamed from our studio in West Norwood / West Dulwich, South London

Yoga is a moving meditation that can bring about profound changes in physical, emotional and mental well-being. The many benefits of yoga are well documented and medical professionals regularly refer patients to yoga, most commonly for stress reduction but also to help with a host of other conditions. Yoga has been proven to:

  • maximise body tone 
  • encourage weight loss 
  • detoxify the body 
  • realign the body 
  • increase all round health 
  • enhance flexibility and balance 
  • build strength and stamina 
  • increase energy levels 
  • boost the immune system 
  • balance emotions 
  • strengthen the respiratory system 
  • purify the nervous system 
  • improve mental clarity and concentration 
  • encourage relaxation and calm


Find out more about the benefits of yoga in our short film below. 

These gentle, flowing beginners classes are geared towards those with limited or no experience of yoga. The style of these classes is rooted in the practices of Ashtanga (Astanga) Vinyasa or Vinyasa Flow. By moving from posture to posture with a linking vinyasa, the body is realigned in preparation for the next posture and the body’s internal heat is increased. The classes are best experienced in warm environment at around 22ºC, which is ideal for safely encouraging flexibility and allowing a gentle detoxification process. The focus in the class is on establishing the key foundations of yoga:

  • synchronising breath to movement
  • building internal core strength
  • specific detail on alignment
  • building strength and flexibility 
  • understanding the polarity of grounding and lifting
  • deep meditative relaxation process


Each teacher brings their own personality and style of yoga to the class. View our schedule below and find out more about the style of a specific class by clicking on the teacher’s name.

For practical guidelines on VIRTUAL classes, please visit our New Student Information page. 

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