Ashtanga Led

Rooted in ashtanga, this class fuses both yin and yang practices with an emphasis on tuning into your inner landscape and listening to your own body’s needs.

Ashtanga Led Class | Open Level

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a moving meditation resulting in calmness and clarity. It is a potent practice that takes us through a set series of postures sequenced in such a way that is energetically and physically very well balanced. The practice is flowing and rhythmic with a strong focus on the breath. It is at once energising and deeply relaxing, challenging and nurturing, strengthening and releasing.

These open level classes are Ashtanga “Inspired” and have a gentle and nurturing and non-dogmatic approach to the practice. Other influences, particularly yin yoga find their way into the class. Props are used liberally and students are encouraged above all to listen to their bodies needs and tune into their inner landscape.

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