Ashtanga Yoga | L2 in studio

A flowing, rhythmic ashtanga class with a strong focus on the breath and movement as a form of meditation.

Ashtanga Yoga Class | Level 2

IN STUDIO in West Norwood / West Dulwich, South London

You have the option to attend these either as in STUDIO visits or as livestreamed VIRTUAL sessions. All available class options are visible and bookable from our main Schedule

The term ‘ashtanga’ translates as eight limbs, ‘vinyasa’ means breath movement synchronization and ‘yoga chikitsa’ which the first sequence is called means yoga therapy. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a moving meditation resulting in calmness and clarity. It is an incredible practice that takes us through a set series of postures sequenced in such a way that is energetically and physically very well balanced. It maximizes body tone, detoxifies and increases all-round health, flexibility, strength and balance. The practice is flowing and rhythmic with a strong focus on the breath. It is at once energising and deeply relaxing, challenging and nurturing, strengthening and releasing.

Key elements of ashtanga yoga are:

  • Dristi – directed focus
  • Asana – posture 
  • Pranayama – breath 
  • Bandha – internal core support 

The primary series comprises of about 60 postures, begin with sun salutations, continues through standing postures, sitting postures and then a closing sequence (followed in this order). The practitioner experiences asanas in a dynamic flowing sequence. Vinyasas thread all the asanas together, which gives the whole practise its flow, grace and momentum. By moving through the vinyasas the body is realigned in preparation for the next posture and the body’s internal heat is increased.

Our yoga classes take place in a high heat environment of about 25 degrees which is ideal for encouraging flexibility and stimulating a gentle detoxification process.

Yoga styles such as Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti, Rocket, Power Yoga and Dharma have all been greatly influenced by the Ashtanga tradition.  Ashtanga has a far-reaching influence on most contemporary dynamic styles of yoga.

There are six series in the Ashtanga school, so there is always something else to work on, though in reality mastering the first primary series can be a life time achievement! The beauty of ashtanga is that in memorising the sequence of postures you are able to cultivate a personal “self-practice” which can be very liberating. At the point when you no longer need to think about the postures your focus turns inwards allowing you to access the meditative aspects of the practice.

These classes are Ashtanga or Ashtanga “Inspired” meaning they use the Ashtanga sequence as a framework but may deviate from the traditional sequencing.

For practical guidelines on VIRTUAL classes, please visit our New Student Information page. 

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