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World reflexology week

Discover the benefits of reflexology with our World Reflexology Week 20% off discount

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If you have ever wondered what reflexology is and how it could benefit you, now is the time to find out with 20% off all first appointments*. Reflexology works much like acupuncture to clear blockages and return the body to balance. You may experience your own individual benefits from reflexology. The ability to reduce stress and improve wellbeing can have a dramatic effect on our lives. On the whole we know that reflexology is good for: 

  • relaxation 
  • well being 
  • sleep 
  • mood 
  • tension 
  • pre & post-natal care

Click here for more information on reflexology at the Shala. Or contact Sunny to find out more on 07582 684 756 or by email

*Offer valid until 31st October

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