Reset to Peace – A Yin, Breath, Meditation & Sound Workshop | IN STUDIO

A beautiful mini-retreat experience with yin yoga, pranayama, meditation and sound.

Reset to Peace - A Yin, Breath, Meditation & Sound Workshop | IN STUDIO

We each flow to a unique and individual shape and the contours of this unique shape to which we all flow, is permeated by the details of our own lives. Your body is a dynamic shape, moulding itself around the pressures which life puts upon it. The tensions of trying to shape our lives according to others demands rather than our own needs, reveal themselves within us in time. Yet, when the life within us has the conditions to flow at peace, it flows smoothly around and past all we meet, un-distorting and un-distortable.
In this workshop, we will navigate the bridge between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, expand our own experience of ourselves and connect to our most natural state of brilliance. By combing through the layers of the body, the layers of breathing and layers of mind, we are able to discover the natural state of ease and peace that is always in the background.
This simple Asana practice will move the spine in the six directions it is meant to move in, stretching not only the tissues of the body and the ligaments of the spine but also our nerves and our own capacity to pay attention. As the body begins to relax in time and space, the breath is revealed and we are invited to explore and work with the breath by circulating, stretching and spreading the breath throughout the whole body.
The movements of the breath reveal the movements of mind and as the breath rises and falls, so too can the mind, as we come to see that the natural state of peace when the mind, breath, and body are moving together at an even pace.
We begin in the body as this is where we feel our practice, only to delve deeper and deeper through Pranayama and Meditation practice and final come to rest in the core of the body and the place where we can feel and be with and feel everything whilst bathed by the healing sounds with Anne Malone.
Our retreat experience will include:
  • an intro & talk
  • yin yoga session
  • pranayama & meditation experience
  • break, tea, chat
  • sound bath with Anne Malone
  • silence & close
Ticket Price: £50

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