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Creating 2023 – A New Year’s Day Flow into Yin & Nidra | IN STUDIO

Creating 2023 - Flow into Yin & Nidra

Emma Landolt | 11 am - 2 pm | 1 January 2023 | Price: £40

A New Year’s Day event to intentionally create 2023 with a flow practice into yin & nidra with a warm & welcoming sacred cacao drink to open your heart and mind to the practice and the year ahead.
This is an invitation to gather together, share, create intentions for 2023 and participate in a creative flow, yin & nidra session:
  • We begin our NYD workshop with a creative, fun and dynamic flow practice which will encourage you to explore the breath and the body, guide you to move fluidly with awareness and delight and, through deep release and reconnection, will lead you home to your Self.


  • After a tea break, we will move into a Yin & Nidra class fusing yin, restorative and nidra practices, offering a space to slow down, unwind and access inner peace. The focus here is on quieting the mind and gently stretching, restoring and relaxing the physical body.


Our dynamic practice will open our energy systems and our yin & nidra practices will switch on our parasympathetic nervous system, to help reverse the effects of stress and cultivate a sense of equanimity and relaxation. Through Nidra, we enter a luminal space between waking and dreaming – a place of deep restorative rest. Nidra is considered by some to be the meditative heart of yoga and it has incredible benefits, including improving our memory, sleep, and creativity.

Join us for this beautiful workshop with Emma Landolt to celebrate and create your 2023 year!


A few recommendations:

  • If you wish to enjoy our welcoming cacao drink, do know cacao does contains a small amount of caffeine. (We would recommend you do avoid or limit stimulants, including COFFEE, at least 3 hours before drinking cacao). 
  • Bring a water bottle with you and be sure to drink plenty of water both before and after the moon circle.

  • BRING a crystal, a flower, a shell, a feather, a stone or a small precious object to place on our group altar & a notebook and pen to journal.


Express interest

Please register your interest in this course so we can keep you updated.