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Moon Circle & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

A monthly community gathering with movement, meditation and sacred Cacao in alignment with the phases of the moon.
The Shala’s monthly moon circle is an invitation to gather together in community, to share Cacao and experiences and to participate in movement and meditation. All are welcome.
This event will be held once a month on a Saturday evening and will fall under/near the full or the new moon depending on the moon cycle. The full moon will invite a theme of release and letting go and the new moon will help us to plant new seeds and set intentions for the coming cycle. 
Each month we will guide you in meditation and breathwork, invite you to drink sacred Cacao, to move your body, share inspirations and stories, and drop into a deep delicious Yoga Nidra.
Everything we do in our Moon Circles is by invitation. Should you wish to attend, but do NOT wish to drink cacao you are absolutely welcome!

Our Moon Circles were created with the intention to be an evening spent in community and energetic collaboration. If you would like to contribute to the evening’s circle, we’d love that! Past contributions have included movement (non-yogic) and breathwork. If you are interested in contributing, please email our Studio Manager, Daniela

Cacao Ceremony

Moon Circle & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

7::00 - 9:30 pm | Saturday 30 September  | Price: £28

*with special kirtan lead by Devaki Thomas

Sound & Voice Mediation is inspired by traditional ancient practices originating from temples of Hindu & Sikh faiths; a communal gathering where the repetition of meaningful Sanskrit mantras brings participants into a state of body mind soul connection, in communion with the divine. This Kirtan session can be described as a therapeutic practice using breath-work, somatic mediation and simple Sanskrit Mantras, some English lyrics, in a singular vocal expression, one voice together connecting us to the sky and earth for grounding and release. This allows participants to deeply connect to themselves and others to release, express and manifest. Repetitive chants help connect participants to their own voice and act as a therapeutic tool to soothe the mind and emotions. 
Devaki will be joined by her partner and Shala teacher, Thomas. Devaki and Thomas are life/music partners of 36 years from Canada and Trinidad now long-time South East Londoners. 

Devaki is a multi-disciplinary artist and Movement Psychotherapist and Thomas is a musician/song-writer/music producer/Yoga teacher.  
The 2 met in the Hare Krishna faith in the 80’s where Kirtan was practiced 4 hours/day and Devaki’s father was a world-renowned Kirtan leader. 

Upcoming Moon Circle & Sacred Cacao Ceremony Dates

*click on the dates in pink to book future circles
6 May – Full Moon in Scorpio
3 June – Full Moon in Sagittarius
15 July – New Moon in Cancer
12 August – New Moon in Leo
30 September – Full Moon in Aires
28 October – Full Moon in Taurus
25 November – Full Moon in Gemini
December – We won’t be holding a Moon Circle in December, but watch this space for a New Year’s Event with Cacao!

More Information

In preparation for drinking cacao:
  • Cacao does contains a small amount of caffeine. As such, we recommend you do NOT drink any stimulants, including COFFEE, at least 3 hours before the moon circle.

  • Bring a water bottle with you and be sure to drink plenty of water both before and after the moon circle.

  • We also recommend that you do not eat for at least three hours prior to the ceremony to support your body to take in and absorb the cacao for ceremony.

  • If  you have any medical issues/conditions, are taking any medication (including anti-depressants), if you have a heart condition, or if you are pregnant, please consult your GP before drinking cacao.
Please bring:
  • a crystal, a flower, a shell, a feather, a stone or a small precious object to place on our group altar
  • a notebook and pen to journal
About the ceremonial cacao:
  • Tsatsayaku cacao is made from the Arriba Nacional | Fino de Aroma cacao bean in Ecuador. 
  • It is wild-harvested, non-GMO, organic and Fair Trade