Introduction to Yoga & Creativity For Children | IN STUDIO

Explore how yoga and creativity affects children’s wellbeing and the different ways yoga enables us to hold and create an enriching environment for children.

Introduction to Yoga & Creativity For Children

Most child-development theories view young children as highly creative with a natural tendency to fantasise, experiment and explore their environment. However, this high level of creativity is not necessarily maintained throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Creativity doesn’t only belong to a prodigy or only to an artistic or musician. Creativity is a human characteristic that allows us to find solutions to everyday problems. It enables us to see two sides of the coin, it help children express and cope with their feeling, foster mental growth, take risks, face fears and find new ways of thinking. It contributes dramatically to our wellbeing.

So how can we, adults, support and maintain a high level of creativity in children, so that they can grow up and stay connected to their creativity?

Research shows that by forming a creative environment and facilitating a class with a creative teacher and creative teaching, we can establish educational settings that support and nourish children’s creativity.

The beauty that lies within Yoga For Children is that these two aspects of the educational settings can be manifested during a children’s yoga class.

In this workshop we will explore the different ways yoga enables us to hold and create an enriching environment for children an how to use yoga to help enhance traits and skills in children’s for their creativity to be unfolded.

Who should join:
  • yoga teachers
  • school teachers
  • 0ccupational therapists
  • parents
  • carers
  • and anyone who works with children
Medical conditions: 
Please contact Ayala prior to the workshop if you have any medical condition.
What to bring/wear:
Comfortable clothes to move in and your curiosity.

Please NOTE:  This workshop is for adults to learn about how these practices support children, tweens and teens. 


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Ticket Price: £45

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