Aerial Yoga Teens Workshop | IN STUDIO

This fun-fuelled, energising, dynamic teens workshop offers an opportunity for teens to explore the world from a different perspective, helping to reduce stress, build self-confidence and find connection with themselves and others. Aerial yoga can take them to the closer physical experience of yoga; cultivating moments of ease, pleasure, lightness, creativity, expansion of feeling, and stillness of mind.

Aerial Yoga Teens Workshop | IN STUDIO

The beauty of this practice is that the yoga swing truly lends itself to a more playful and light experience of Yoga. And for teens this element of play and creativity can be very appealing and liberating. The workshop offers the thrill and buzz of challenging inversions and new “tricks”, which give an intense physical work-out. Teens will find ease within their own physical bodies through breathing, stretching, spinning, flipping, balancing, rocking and creating incredible poses while suspended in an aerial yoga hammock.

This form of yoga also integrates the calming and more relaxing and meditative benefits of yoga. They will learn to focus on their breath, find stillness, calm and deep relaxation as they rest and rock gently cocooned inside the hammock.

Please note:

* Recommended for teens aged 12–17 years
* It is essential that students pay close attention to all verbal instructions and demonstrations from the teachers
* Please wear a T-shirt – rather than a vest – to cover soft tissue armpit and upper arm area
* Aerial workshops are limited to a maximum 12 students
* These workshops are not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo

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