Menopause Mythbusting

Join us for the first of three free webinars on the Menopause/Perimenopause. In this session, we bust the Menopause myths and explain how you CAN influence the symptoms of the Menopause – using Nobel-Prize winning Science.

Menopause Mythbusting (Free)

Free Livestream webinar with Ben Wolff & Ligia Cannon from the Breathing Institute

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Join Ben Wolff and Ligia Cannon from the Breathing Institute for the first of three free webinars on the menopause and perimenopause. In this session, we bust the menopause myths and explain how, contrary to popular opinion you CAN influence the symptoms of menopause – using Nobel-Prize winning Science.

There are a number of myths about menopause including:

  • MYTH 1 - that there's no control to be had over your hormones without supplements, diet or HRT (there ABSOLUTELY is) 
  • MYTH 2 - that your experience of the menopause is down to your genes, your stress levels, or your luck (it ABSOLUTELY isn't) 
  • MYTH 3 - that it doesn't matter how you breathe (it ABSOLUTELY does) 
  • MYTH 4 - that there's no research to evidence 70% reduction in hot flashes/flushes (there ABSOLUTELY is) 
  • MYTH 5 - that sleep tape has no bearing on estrogen levels (it ABSOLUTELY does) 
  • MYTH 6 - that imagery, visualisation and mentalisation connecting to the 4 week lunar cycle can have nothing to do with anything (it ABSOLUTELY can)

These free webinars provide an introduction to our 10-hour Menopause Course in April, which is designed to support those who are affected by the menopause and perimenopause. It also provides an introduction to our 30-hour CPD Training for those working professionally with menopausal and perimenopausal women, be it as a healthcare professional, therapist, carer, teacher or in any other capacity.

Menopause 10-hour Course
Menopause 30-hour Professional Training

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We do not offer medical diagnosis or advice, nor miracle cures. Instead we are looking to share practical ways to approach the myriad symptoms of Covid and Long Covid, what has worked for many people, in a world where there are currently few recommendations. 

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