Help for Inspiration

Using different practices based on breathwork, creativity, play, imagination and visualisation, this workshop will explore how to rediscover the magic of being you. There will be balloons and jelly, games, stories, and of course, toys.

Help for Inspiration: Toying with the Breath

Livestreamed Online Workshop with Ben Wolff & Gail Stephens from the Breathing Institute

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p>As Einstein may have said, "playing is the best form of research", (or maybe he didn’t). Here’s the thing, children move seamlessly between versions of themselves, adapted and suited to the games they are playing, the imagined scenarios and journeys. Through playful curiosity, they work things out, and explore into how things are. However, as children become adults, these versions of self become more fixed, stuck even, and are often maladaptive.

In this workshop, Ben Wolff and Gail Stephens from the Breathing Institute, will find the way back to that magical time of childhood when toys were alive, there was a trance like sense of self and other at the same time, and possibilities were endless. We will question the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, moving through the stuckness, unbreaking and recasting; and reconnecting with that spark of uniqueness, that is quintessentially you.

We will use different practices – drawing (with the eyes closed), telling stories, exploring different breath techniques, imagining and visualising, to rediscover the magic of being you. Here is a taste of some of the things we will be doing:

  • exploring different breathing practices, including ribbon breath, balloon breath, jelly breath – perhaps David Bowie will make an appearance
  • drawing and playing with our favourite toy 
  • learning how to ZAP and use PEZ to make changes from the inside out 
  • listening to stories about the Toy Maker

You will need to bring your favourite toy – either the original, or a re-sourced version, as well as some sheets of paper and a pen or pencil.

More about Gail Stephens

Gail Stephens is the Creatrix of Dancing Warriors Yoga; she is a Yoga Teacher and Therapist, and a member of the Breathing Institute. About 6 years ago, she took the decision to step away from her high powered, prestigious and ultimately toxic career – she was exhausted, burnt out, chronically stressed, anxious and reliant on increasingly maladaptive and addictive behaviours to get through each day.

She had practiced yoga on and off for most of her adult life, and she decided it was time to get serious about her practice, and so she embarked on her first Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. Five years and many hundreds of hours training later, she is an accredited Experienced Yoga Teacher, and Minded Yoga Therapist.

Based in Sheffield, Gail teaches and practices locally, (and thanks to Covid 19 and lockdown), regionally, nationally and internationally.

Similarly, she has been collecting toys for most of her life, and - following a trip to Singapore in 2005 - with serious intent. What she loves about this practice is the infinite potential and possibilities afforded by toys: exploring into the relationship between integrity and iteration, the possibilities of redefining and remaining quintessentially the same, reframing memories, rediscovering a trance like childhood sense of wonder and playful curiosity.

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Upcoming Schedule

Sunday, 25 Apr 2021

14:00 - 16:00

Help for Inspiration

This event runs from 14:00 on Sunday until 16:00 on Sunday

Help for Inspiration £25.00