Help for Adolescence

Regulate mood, calm an over stimulated mind, banish intrusive thoughts and reduce anxiety – an essential toolkit for teens for these times.

Help for Adolescent Mental Health

Livestreamed Online Workshop with Ben Wolff, Sarah Noordewier and Sherene Banner from the Breathing Institute

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In this workshop Ben Wolff, Sarah Noordewier and Sherene Banner (see below) from The Breathing Institute  teach easy to learn, rapidly effective techniques for teens to have mastery over their internal world. Learn how breath, clinical hypnotherapy and imagination (including some Art of Breath tools) can play a part in soothing the adolescent brain, improving how you feel without having to interact with talking therapies.

The tools learnt in this workshop may help:

  • Regulate mood 
  • Soothe over stimulation 
  • Banish intrusive thoughts 
  • Reduce anxiety 
  • Balance body and mind

Adolescence is a vulnerable time for the brain, rapid changes are occurring and the rational part of the brain is not fully developed until 25 years of age. In the teenage brain the connections between the emotional part and the decision making centre are still developing. That is why Teens have overwhelming emotional outbursts which they cannot explain later. They are feeling much more than thinking!

When it comes to teenage mental health, the founder of The Breathing Institute Ben Wolff and Senior Breathing Institute founding members Sarah Noordewier and Sherene Banner have experience and practical tools to share that will help any teenager with the transition to adulthood.

This workshop is intended for any young person and/or their parents if they wish to attend, cameras can be on or off, we don’t mind. However this workshop is not suitable for those with serious mental health conditions for which medical intervention should be sought.

You will need some blank sheets of A4 paper and at least 2 felt tip pens. Templates will be emailed the day before for printing out (but these are not essential).

Sarah Noordewier

Mother to three teenagers, Sarah is an experienced yoga teacher, who has practised yoga since she was a small child. Sarah teaches adults and teens from her studio on Dartmoor in Devon.

Sarah trained with friends of yoga (500hrs), Yoga Nidra Network and Norman Blair. It is through Norman that she discovered Ben Wolff, who became her teacher. Prior to meeting Ben, Sarah has gone through life suffering debilitating migraine and anxiety and thanks to the techniques she learnt from Ben, she no longer has either.

Having a fascination with science and the breath, Sarah was excited to graduate from to the Breathing School and become one of the first teachers to share these incredible tools.

Sherene Banner

Sherene's approach to yoga is to try and make it accessible to all using her various influences from breathwork, tai-chi and bodywork. She teaches prenatal, postnatal and adult classes in addition to children's yoga in school, as part of the school curriculum. Sherene works across the board, teaching from nursery age to Teens – in typical schools, SEND departments (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and Special Schools. She also has family 121 clients where she works with parents to help their children in various aspects of their life, whether mentally or physically. Additionally, Sherene is a bodyworker and myofascial release practitioner, specialising in Women's Health.

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Upcoming Schedule

Sunday, 25 Apr 2021

11:00 - 13:00

Help for Adolescence

This event runs from 11:00 on Sunday until 13:00 on Sunday

Help for Adolescents £25.00

  • This workshop is open and accessible to adolescents of all ages, plus those supporting or working with this age group.
  • If you are suffering/have suffered from a serious medical condition, please first consult your doctor before joining this workshop. 
Participants are encouraged to interact and ask questions through the chat function on Zoom and are muted during the workshop. Cameras can be switched on or off.
The medical information in this workshops is just that - information not advice. If in any doubt whatsoever please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional to check that these practices are suitable for you and your condition. No diagnosis is being offered at these workshops. 

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