Help for Asthma | Virtual

Neuroscience is now showing that fear and memory are intricately related to the breath. By changing our breathing patterns we can change the memory of what happens and the fear of being short of breath. It is empowering and it gives back control with the freedom that comes with that.

Help for Asthma

Livestreamed Online Workshop with Ben Wolff, Louise Windsor and Louisa Rasmussen from the Breathing Institute
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"There are over 8,000 asthma attacks every day in the UK. Diagnosis and treatment is a long and often inaccurate process, especially for children: 40% of people diagnosed with asthma do not respond to their first treatment" Asthma UK

No-one knows more about the stressful feelings of shortness of breath and the "bad breathing days" than people with asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Arguably they, more than anybody, need ways to regain control of their breathing. The perception of an asthmatic is that they are unable to get enough air in, which is not the case.

There are practical and easy ways to create change and it is possible for most people to be free of most respiratory problems. Often these conditions are caused by the nervous system wrongly coming to the conclusion that it is under attack. 

Everyone needs an easy way of calming the reaction where it's inappropriate, so that whatever previously triggered the breathlessness no longer does. Neuroscience is now showing that fear and memory are intricately related to the breath. By changing our breathing patterns we can change the memory of what happens and the fear of being short of breath. It is empowering and it gives back control with the freedom that comes with that. 

"Every day 185 people in the UK are admitted to hospital with an asthma attack, and 5.4 million people are using treatments for asthma. Once asthma is diagnosed it does not have to limit people’s lives.” NICE

This mother's day we give the gift of freedom of breath. We will share the basics of how breathing works, which once understood, can help help you gain control over breathlessness. We will teach a daily practice for clear breathing in addition to the beautiful butterfly breath for when you need a little bit more help. Brand new approaches developed since last year's Breathing School will be premiered.

Louisa Rasmussen and Louise Windsor, founder members of the Breathing Institute, have both experienced serious asthma since birth, they have first hand experience of how frightening and overwhelming it can be. They have both had success in using the techniques that they have created together with breathmaster Ben Wolff and are passionate about sharing these with others.

You will learn practices to:

  • Clear the nose naturally  
  • Be able to breathe fully and easily into the lungs to gain maximum oxygen intake 
  • Open the airwaves and restore a sense of calm 
  • Ease the wheeze 
  • Have a sense of control over your breathing 
  • Change the self talk to a voice that supports you and releases fear
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More about Louise Windsor

Louise Windsor has been teaching Yoga for 9 years, specialising in Yin Yoga, breathwork and meditation. Making yoga accessible to those who might not make it into a Yoga studio is also important to Louise, she teaches mat and chair yoga for the MS centre in Sussex. Louise grew up with childhood asthma and allergies, which has led her to be passionate about learning about how to breathe efficiently with freedom. The practices and tools she has learnt from working with Ben Wolff have helped her to not be reliant on her inhaler any more and to finally get her own cat! She lives by the sea in Worthing, Sussex, with her husband and little cat Fudge. 

More About Louisa Rasmussen

Louisa is a Breath, Life Coach and qualified Hypnotherapist and Founder of Breathe Balance Be. From her own experiences of growing up with asthma and a life threatening diagnosis of stage 4 incurable cancer in 2017, she has been on an intensive intuitive self care healing journey and is on a mission to support people to breathe more easily, alleviate stress and anxiety and transform their lives. She shares a combination of simple and powerful tools that she has learnt along the way.

Louisa qualified as a yoga nidra teacher in 2017 where she met Ben Wolff who introduced her to the power of a particular breathing practice. This led her to train further with Ben at his Breathing School and with Dr Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg as a Breath Body Mind (TM) Level 2 teacher.

Louisa is passionate about the breath and its potential to allow us to lead a healthy and fulfilling life!

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    This workshop is open and accessible to those with asthma and those supporting or working with those with asthma
    Participants are encouraged to interact and ask questions through the chat function on Zoom and are muted during the workshop.
    The medical information in this workshops is just that - information not advice. If in any doubt whatsoever please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional to check that these practices are suitable for you and your condition. No diagnosis is being offered at these workshops. 

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