Help for Dementia | Virtual

A practical life affirming livestream workshop to share techniques and tips to enhance the quality of life of those with dementia and their carers, delivered by dementia specialist Craig Stevens and Breathing Institute Founder Ben Wolff.

Help for People Living with Dementia & for their Carers 

Livestreamed Online Workshop with Ben Wolff & Craig Stevens from the Breathing Institute
A CATCH UP link will be available for 7 days to anyone who has booked and does not attend the livestream event.

Ben Wolff and Craig Stevens come in open heartedness to present a practical workshop of tips and techniques aimed at enhancing the quality of life for people living with dementia and those caring for loved ones with dementia. 

This workshop is not about curing dementia, it is about how through understanding the workings of the brain, the environment we create, and how we communicate, we can make choices that enable people to live to their potential, at all stages of their dementia journey.

Learn how new insights from breathwork, neuroscience, clinical hypnotherapy, meaningful engagement and being present, can each play a part to empower people living with dementia and give carers the agency to help them to connect to the person behind the dementia.

You will learn about:

  • Different breaths that support healthy brain function. 
  • Building the brains ‘cognitive reserve’ to remember through movement. 
  • Exploring beneficial memories. 
  • Helping stabilise people in good memories. 
  • Getting people unstuck from bad memories. 
  • Getting a stuck brain moving. 
  • Playing detective to best validate and support people’s current reality. 
  • Creating opportunities for people to nurture, feel valuable and contribute. 
  • Making language as accessible as possible. 
  • The power of personalised music. 
  • What it takes to really be there for someone through conscious presence and touch.

Our aim is that through experimentation with the techniques presented in this workshop, we will give hope and understanding and make treasured times together possible.

About Craig Stevens, Founder of Engaging Activities

Craig is an expert with working with people living with dementia. He has an in depth awareness and insight into the challenges of dementia and great passion to help make the journey as beautiful as possible for people and their loved ones as they travel along their own unique dementia path.

He has gained his experience of dementia over 13 years as an activity and engagement specialist, both freelance and working for the Alive charity he helped establish and through first-hand experience of caring for a loved one living with dementia.

He has delivered thousands of interactive and therapeutic activity sessions in various care settings to people with cognitive challenges. He is an accomplished trainer and coach of care teams and has co-produced training courses and best practice guides in dementia care which have been recognised for national awards. He has spoken and run practical workshops at many regional and national dementia events and has been a judge at The National Dementia Care awards.

Craig is passionate about working with individuals and organisations for the reform, enhancement and advancement of good practice in meaningful dementia care and wellbeing in health and social care and exploring new paradigms for care.

Craig is a practitioner of Kriya Yoga. He is a graduate from the Yoga Nidra Network Teacher Training, where he first met Ben Wolff. Ben brings to the workshop his own experiences living with dementia with his mother in law, and his unique insight into breathwork and knowledge of ‘all things brain’ through neuroscience and clinical hypnotherapy.

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    This workshop is open and accessible to those with dementia and those working or caring for people with dementia.
    The medical information in this workshops is just that - information not advice. If in any doubt whatsoever please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional to check that these practices are suitable for you and your condition. No diagnosis is being offered at these workshops. 
    Participants are encouraged to interact and ask questions through the chat function on Zoom and are muted during the workshop.

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