New Year Soul Sanctuary

Start the New Year with a contemplative inner journey through various grounding practices, including a calming Yin Yoga practice to open the body into a receptive state, a nourishing and cleansing Gong bath and the chanting of sacred Mantras to open the heart.

New Year's Day Soul Sanctuary

This special New Year's day event will set the year ahead in an empowering but relaxing way and allow us space to unite through gentle Yin Yoga, Gong, Sacred Sound and Meditation.

The afternoon will begin with a calming Yin Yoga practice, set to help us open into a more receptive state. This is followed by a nourishing Gong bath to cleanse our system and to release anything that is not needed anymore. From here, we will chant sacred Mantras to open our hearts and help us enter into the new year with inspiration and joy. 

Authentic and free expression through singing beautiful and uplifting mantras and chants can be a deeply liberating and potent experience helping us to still our minds and open our hearts and voices towards greater self-empowerment and ease of expression. No previous Yoga or chanting experience necessary – everyone is welcome.

About Lila Anna & Anaam Zen

Lila (of our Moon Gong Meditations) and Anaam, forming the duo Illumina are two divinely inspired singers who have a passion for sharing mantras, chants and sacred songs from traditions and cultures all around the world. Their music takes us on a deep inner journey with beautiful vocal harmonies and exquisite melodies which hold a potent space of inner stillness, healing and celebration.

Renowned for their powerful live concerts and audience participation, they have had the honour of presenting their unique music at prestigious venues such as the Royal Academy of Arts, The Indian High Commission affiliated Nehru Centre, Alternatives UK and Saint James Church, Piccadilly.

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