Managing Stress & Anxiety

A nourishing half-day urban retreat focused on managing stress and anxiety with the use of breathwork, restorative yoga poses, intention (sankalpa) and guided meditation techniques to dramatically improve the way you face adversity and handle challenge.

Half-Day Urban Yoga Retreat | Managing Stress & Anxiety 

with Ellie Grace in South London

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. Victor Frankl.

Join Ellie Grace for a nourishing bi-monthly half-day retreat on managing stress and anxiety. Using breathwork, restorative yoga poses, intention (sankalpa) and guided meditation techniques, Ellie will teach us how to dramatically improve the way we face adversity and handle challenge.

Understanding stress and anxiety are key to working with them to limit their potential for poor health and poor decision-making. To open the workshop we will learn what triggers experiences of stress and anxiety in the first place, how to notice the warning signs and understand them as useful messages. We will then look at how emotions manifest in both the mind and body, leading us to feel depleted, overwhelmed and out of control when left unchecked.

Then we will move into a gentle practice and share tools for healthy stress reduction including essential breathing techniques, approaches to mindfulness, restorative poses, meditations and journalling exercises with the aim of building daily practices that support us against the effects of stress and anxiety before they build up.

Once you've reached an understanding of how your thoughts, emotions and nervous system are affected by stressors and anxious thoughts, you're on a direct path to experiencing ease and peace with the use of these life-supporting tools.

Come and connect to your innate stillness and learn how to find your way back to peace again and again and again.

  • Teacher: Ellie Grace

    Ellie has an MA in Yoga Studies and is trained in the Sivananda lineage. She has also completed trainings in trauma-specific yoga, with Prison Yoga Project and Veterans Yoga Project. See more.

    Ellie Grace

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These workshops are open to anyone experiencing stress and anxiety. No prior experience necessary. 

Students on our monthly membership receive a 20% discount on this workshop.

  • Minor health issues and injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class. Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss.
  • If you are suffering/have suffered from a medical condition (including heart condition, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure) or a serious injury, it is essential you first consult your doctor before joining classes. Please then discuss this with us before booking so we can advise you on a personalised programme.

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