Kundalini - Serpent Power, or Bacterial consciousness?

Discover more about Kundalini as Michaela discusses ancient texts alongside personal research

Kundalini - Serpent power, or bacterial consciousness?

In this talk Michaela will present a historical background to Kundalini as it is described in yogic texts, compared to modern theories of the chakras and her own Kundalini rising.

Based on ancient knowledge as well as extensive personal research, Michaela will discuss the symptoms, blessings and dangers of Kundalini and explore the links between blocked Kundalini, Lyme disease, and parasites. Is Kundalini something you can trigger with yoga? Can you catch Kundalini? Do you have Kundalini symptoms? If so what can you do? Come to this groundbreaking talk and find out.

The talk is free to book and donation based, there will be a tin for Ourmala donations on the front desk on arrival.

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