Help for Grief, Love & Loss | VIRTUAL

In this uplifting and unique short course, we offer an opportunity to change your relationship to grief, love and loss. This is a chance to heal, aid the grieving process and to celebrate the loved ones we have lost, by using breath, the imagination and a sprinkle of universal magic.

Help for Grief, Love & Loss

3 week course | Livestreamed online VIRTUAL course with Natasha Palram from the Breathing Institute

Available on CATCH UP for 7 days after for anyone who has booked and is unable to attend the livestreamed event

In this short three week course (75 minute sessions on three Tuesday evenings), we offer something new and something uplifting to change your relationship to grief, love and loss. This course will be a chance to heal and to celebrate the loved ones we have lost.

Natasha Palram (pictured above) has worked closely with breathmaster Ben Wolff to devise this course and create a way of healing for those that would benefit from it, and a way of distant connection through the dimensions of the memory for those that would like that too. 

Experiencing grief can be isolating and frightening and it is astounding how little support and advice there is, and how misunderstood the processes are. Connecting with and mastering our breath can aid the grieving process significantly. While there is life there is breath.

Based around the very special ‘Breath of Love’, ‘Love Lines’ and ‘Opening Doors’ to other realms, these specially tailored, delightful practices, allow us to spend time with those we miss and those we grieve. Be it in joy, be it in peace, be it in fondness, be it in forgiveness, be it in closure or in open heartedness, these techniques have been delicately and specifically crafted with compassion and skill. All tried and tested with a positive thumbs up rating. 

We have all loved and we have all lost. Here we find a unique new way to reconnect and be together with lost loved ones using breath, the imagination and a sprinkle of universal magic. 

More about Natasha Palram

Natasha uses her innate skill of holding space, interest in neuroscience and extensive knowledge of the ancient practice of yoga to intuitively help her clients create awareness of discomfort, whether physical or emotional, and transform it into something better.

Using her background in storytelling and aspirations to become a "death doula", Natasha creates an environment whereby the connection to pain, grief, anxiety, fear is redirected into peace, joy, happiness, fulfilment using movement, imagination and the breath. Succeeding in this, we begin to overcome our fear of death and truly start to live again.

Her credentials include a yoga alliance accredited teacher training from Yogacampus, yoga for trauma, palliative care and bereavement, Teen yoga, family yoga, chair yoga, breathing, meditation and one to one sessions.

Natasha uniquely helps you come back into your body and come home to your senses. There is nothing more important than to lead a happy, healthy life and she will do everything she can to take you there. Find out more.


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This workshop is open and accessible to all who have loved and lost. 

Participants are encouraged to interact and ask questions through the chat function on Zoom and are muted during the workshop.

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