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Revolutionise your sleep with this comprehensive workshop that offers new solutions to help you sleep. Conquer insomnia and sleeplessness and gain insight into the fascinating science of sleep and the infinite power of the breath.

Help for Sleep - "The Night is Alright"

Livestreamed Online Workshop with Ben Wolff & Clare MacDonald from the Breathing Institute
Available on CATCH UP for 7 days after for anyone who has booked and is unable to attend the livestreamed event - email to request link

Two sleep enthusiasts have come together to share their considerable experience and expertise in this exciting collaborative workshop. Breathing Institute founder Ben Wolff and senior Breathing Institute founding member Clare Macdonald present a comprehensive package of new solutions, whatever the trouble has been, be it getting to sleep, accessing deep quality sleep or falling back to sleep. They will help you reclaim the night for loveliness and magic! 

Sleep is e-ver-y-thing and disturbed sleep can be debilitating – the more we crave sleep the more elusive it can become. Why is this and what can we do to correct it? 

If you are experiencing sleeplessness you do not want to hear about caffeine, blue light and lavender for the umpteenth time. You want to understand what's blocking your ability to sleep and learn how to reverse this. We will be combining the very latest in neuroscience, hypnotherapy, biochemical research, all brought together with the science of breath to teach you how to revolutionise your sleep.

Perhaps you have difficulty getting to sleep anticipating the worst. Was it the coffee that came too late or the screen that was too bright. Do you mentally beat yourself up night after night, leading to a vicious cycle of perpetual exhaustion?

Or do you drop off easily but wake in the night unable to get back to sleep? Dredging up things from the past, taunting yourself with negative thoughts about the day ahead, watching the clock tick ever closer to alarm time.  

This workshop will include:
  • Offloading anxious thoughts ahead of bedtime
  • Breath techniques for falling asleep and getting back to sleep 
  • Sleep tape - anecdotal inspiration & the science 
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Catastrophising and changing the message
  • Rapid Eye at will    
  • Imagination 
  • Longer practices 
  • Calming Kids to Sleep

It will also include how to calm a child’s overstimulated mind and soothe them to sleep using breath and visualisation. This simple technique which will be shared was initially created to suit Primary aged children, however we will show how you can adapt it for older children and teens.

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This workshop is open and accessible to all and is particular beneficial to those suffering from sleep issues or professionals working with others who may have sleep issues.

The medical information in this workshops is just that - information not advice. If in any doubt whatsoever please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional to check that these practices are suitable for you and your condition. No diagnosis is being offered at these workshops. 

If you are suffering/have suffered from a serious medical condition, please first consult your doctor before joining this workshop. 

 Workshops at the Shala are run independently and all payments for workshop services are accepted on behalf of the individual teacher. 

  • Purchases for workshops are non-refundable 
  • Cancellations may be made online up to 24-hours before the start of the workshop in which case your Shala account will be credited and you will be able to rebook for a workshop of a similar price
  • The workshop will be recorded and anyone who registers but is unable to attend the livestream event can email us to request a link to the recording, which will be available for 7 days after the event. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged as if you had attended. 
  • In the event that a workshop is cancelled by the Shala you will be offered a refund or the option to be transferred to an alternative event