Bodyrolling: Shoulder & Neck Focus

This workshop will explore how to release tension and stress in the shoulder and neck area through reorganising the mechanics of the upper body, elongating muscles, releasing the spine and improving overall alignment.

Shoulder & Neck Focus - Yamuna Bodyrolling

in South London

Do you carry the world on your shoulders?

Your head, arms, and torso all extend from the shoulders. Unfortunately the shoulders and neck are a major point of stress in the body, with injuries and built up of tension very common in this area. In our day-to-day desk-based lives, we often find ourselves literally pulling our upper bodies into our computer screens. Tension rides up into our shoulders and neck and the result is chronic pain and restrictions in the upper thoracic area of the spine.

Through rolling along specific lines, this unique form of therapeutic bodywork creates space and mobility to restore the range of motion in every direction as well as heal injuries. Tension will dissipate and you will feel rejuvenated, light and open in the shoulders, neck and upper back. More importantly, you will learn how to intuitively release tension and restriction in your own body and be master to your our pain free neck and shoulders. 

This session is part of our ongoing series of monthly Yamuna Bodyrolling (YBR) workshops. Fundamentally, Bodyrolling enables us to:

  • maintain our bodies, preventing injuries
  • keep the body moving freely and without restriction at every age
  • improve circulation 
  • keep the nerve roots of the spine activated and metabolically strong
  • keep the bones healthy and young to maintain the general health and well being of the body

This workshop will help to reorganise the upper body, bringing it back to optimal funciton. Using props created by Yamuna, you will be lead through routines to:

  • tone and elongate muscles 
  • release the spine 
  • improve alignment 
  • expand the lungs and deepen the breath
  • relax the nervous system
  • increase blood flow and circulation
  • stimulate nerve roots
  • increase metabolism
  • promote healing 

Read more about this powerful therapeutic practice on our blog.

  • Teacher: Gingi Lee

    Over the last decade, Gingi Lee has become increasingly inspired by this form of therapeutic bodywork. Now a fully certified Bodyrolling teacher, trained by Yamuna herself, he fuses Yamuna’s teachings with 25+ years experience of teaching yoga. See more.


Upcoming Schedule

Saturday, 10 Nov 2018

12:00 - 14:00

Bodyrolling: Shoulder & Neck Focus

This event runs from 12:00 on Saturday until 14:00 on Saturday

Bodyrolling Workshop £30

Suitable for all levels regardless of age or physical limitations.


Students on our monthly membership receive a 20% discount on this workshop.

This is one of a series of monthly Bodyrolling workshops at the Shala. Details of the others are available on our Workshops page.

Bodyrolling is ideal for anyone looking to heal and prevent pain, illness and injury.  However if you are suffering/have suffered from a medical condition (including heart condition, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure) or a serious injury, it is essential you first consult your doctor before joining workshops and classes. Please then discuss this with us before booking. Minor health issues and injuries can be discussed with your teacher before the workshop. Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss.

Workshops at the Shala are run independently and all payments for workshop services are accepted on behalf of the individual teacher. The teacher's terms are given below.

  • Purchases for workshops are non-refundable 
  • Cancellations may be made online up to 24-hours before the start of the workshop in which case your Shala account will be credited and you will be able to rebook another Bodyrolling workshop on an alternative date
  • Late cancellations and no shows will be charged as if you had attended
  • In the event that a workshop is cancelled by the Shala you will be offered a refund or the option to be transferred to an alternative event