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We felt it was about time we said Hello 👋🏽 Christina & Carly

We first met at pregnancy yoga the Shala in 2015.

Our babies were due a few days apart but we ended up giving birth on the same day (with the same midwives!). Since then we have become closest friends and have a shared love for natural health, holistic therapy & gentle parenting.

As many new mums do we found the adaption to motherhood difficult and felt excluded from some of our usual loves & coping mechanisms, such as yoga and meditation, dancing 💃 and eventually workshops, training and retreats.

We also felt a lack of support and mum to mum advice in areas that felt important to us – post natal health, co sleeping, baby wearing, natural remedies, breast feeding, nutrition, childcare & parenting. We felt often that many new mums including us were suffering in silence with little understanding and appreciation of the sacred post -natal period. We felt a hole missing where our community/village should be and spent many an hour discussing how much easier it would be if as mums we came together to support one another. We started to do a childcare swap we looked after one another’s little one which worked beautifully and gave us much needed time for ourselves without costing us any money.

We dreamt of ways to bring our community together & to open discussion about motherhood and where we could all share knowledge and skills and feel loved and supported and that is when Mother Ring was born.

We have big, exciting plans for Mother Ring so watch this space 👀 we are however very much in the flow of early motherhood ourselves so taking slow and mindful strides ❤

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