Help For Menopause Course | VIRTUAL

In this short course, you will learn how a new approach to the Breath, Physiology, Neuroscience, Chronobiology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy can alleviate up to 80 percent of the unwanted feelings, moods, brain fog, pains, and temperature fluctuations, uniquely.

Help for Menopause Course  – Balancing Your Hormones & Your Life

9–11.30 Saturday 10 April, 6–8pm Sunday 18 April + 7 days of 20-minute recorded practice
Livestreamed with Ben Wolff & Ligia Cannon from the Breathing Institute

Available on CATCH UP for 7 days after for anyone who has booked and is unable to attend the livestreamed events  - email to request link

Let the Menopause be the Pause That Works For You. Finally, Something That Works, For every woman, everywhere.

Course Overview

In this short course, Ben Wolff and Ligia Cannon from the Breathing Institute  present this new and much anticipated livestreamed VIRTUAL course. You will learn how a new approach to the Breath, Physiology, Neuroscience, Chronobiology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy can alleviate up to 80 percent of the unwanted feelings, moods, brain fog, pains, and temperature fluctuations, uniquely.

The first and best way of managing hormones is to balance the systems of the body. The easiest way to do this is through the breath. Without noticing, our breath changes prior to the onset of the life change. To learn how to regulate, control and prevent the fluctuations in temperature and mood there is a way of breathing that allows women to have an altogether more pleasant and empowering way of navigating their life change. These  useful, rapidly effective and easy to learn breathing techniques are combined with important visualisations and clinical hypnotherapy to return balance and equilibrium to your physiological, psychological and emotional state.

This course has been carefully designed to have maximum impact with minimum commitment in terms of time and energy (7 hours over a week) and finances (£75 for the whole course).

Course Content

This course will provide you with clinically proven, effective tools to help alleviate symptoms including but not limited to:

  • hot flashes and night sweats
  • temperature change and sleep disruption
  • mood disorders and anxiety
  • weight gain
  • memory and brain fog
  • anger, rage and temper
  • pain, cramps and aching body

We will also look at how allowing optimum breathing patterns can enhance cognitive function, physical energy and a balanced awareness. You will learn both the practice and theory of protocols, which have reduced up to 80 per cent of symptoms in our case study trials, the results of which can sometimes be instantaneous.

The course is suitable for anyone from the general public who has suffered enough and would like to learn simple tools to help support themselves or a loved one during this time. Researched in private clinical trials, this is a natural intervention and practice without any supplements or additional treatments. And only positive side-effects!

For anyone wishing to use these techniques to work with others in a professional capacity, we run a 30-hour training for teachers, therapists, life coaches and health care professionals.

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  • The course runs over one week as follows:
    - SATURDAY AM | 2.5-hour livestream session introducing the theory and the practices
    - DAILY x 7 DAYS | 20 minute recorded practices for you to do daily in your own time
    - SUNDAY PM | 2-hour livestream session to recap, feedback and Q&A 
  • If you cannot attend the Virtual livestream element of the course, this is available for 7 days if you cannot attend
  • Recordings will be available for the week of the course only. Livestream catch up will be available for 7 days after the event.
  • Further communications: It is essential that you are opted in for emails on our website in order to receive all the updates and recordings about this course. Please ensure that you are opted in for emails. Log in to your Shala account > Click My Account > Profile > Receive Newsletter. Emails will come from

Teacher Bio

Ligia Cannon

Ligia has successfully implemented a Menopause protocol, which she helped devise to assist menopausal women all over the world. This unique strategy aims to transform women’s experience of the menopause and perimenopause into one where they have control and influence. Ligia helped design and apply the approach while she herself was dealing with her own challenges transitioning into Menopause... and it worked for her brilliantly.

Ligia gladly gave up her career in Interior Architecture in favour of becoming a certified Yoga teacher. Ever since she can remember she has sought out The Natural Simplicity in Life, and has now managed to find and master the natural way through this so often problematic phase, for everyone's great benefit. 

Ligia was lucky to continue her journey working on this unique approach with Ben Wolff, the Founder of The Breathing Institute, who taught and guided her in acquiring skills and knowledge in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Science and Art of Breathing, Neuroscience and EEG study, Chronobiology and Dream Yoga to name a few of the lenses brought to bear in this original and exciting highly effective work. When she's not making things she likes baking things, planting things...breaking things.

Ben Wolff

Ben Wolff is a Breathwork Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Dream Yoga practitioner with a profound depth of experience and understanding in his field. He is an engaging, compassionate and hugely knowledgeable teacher, whose enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and inspiring. 

Ben has a remarkable understanding of contemporary scientific research into meditation, neuroscience and other fields. Brought on by his recovery from serious illness and nearly a decade of continuous research and investigation, Ben shares his findings from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science in ways that are open and accessible to everyone. In his teachings you can expect to hear what's most useful, rapidly effective and easy to learn and participate in simple and safe practices that many have witnessed to be literally "life-changing". Read Ben's Biography.

  • "

    My brain fog cleared and I'm really excited about that... It really worked, gave me more energy, reduced hot flashes, sleeping better, that allows me to pause, and put me first for once.


    CC, aged 56, PhD in Chemistry, Senior Director Sales

  • "

    My sleep and falling asleep improved dramatically. I wake up feeling refreshed and energised, unlike before feeling anxious, ...and more able to cope rather than worry which I usually do. I felt light. Night sweats have stopped almost completely after just a few days. ..feeling again motivation.


    HW, aged 54

  • "

    Such a powerful practice... It shifts my energy, feeling more grounded. It feels easier to breathe, the breath is so powerful, I feel more calm - digestion moving and energy flowing through me.


    ER, aged 48

  • "

    I am so grateful for what you introduced me to Ligia, my symptoms started with a lot of Anxiety where the Inner Critic Voice is so loud. Thank you for creating this practice for me where I stop doing and thinking and just melt into Healing. My oasis of Calm is the best Gift. 🙏🏽


    BA, aged 44

  • "

    Feelings of deep relaxation and balanced.



  • "

    I feel an energy gain - which I’ve been embracing...I had experienced a different positive outcome with each session. Very interesting - loved the practice.


    RC, aged 57, Educational Consultant

  • "

    Better sleep, less anxiety, hot flashes almost have gone


    Inna, aged 52

  • "

    I could and feel really positive about it for many women who suffer and don't want to take medication. A positive step to reducing symptoms...Something that is totally natural. It is amazing.


    Elizabeth, 63

  • "

    This is the best medicine for women... it’s not about pills and chemicals it’s about reconfiguring the balance within. Effortless release of suffering and gain back your health and peace of mind. Do this... work with it. You don’t need to know how it works... it just does;).


    Iveta Blazova, 57years young, hot flashes and anxiety

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Course Dates

The course has the following modules scheduled:

Saturday 10 April 2021

Introduction on Theory and Practices

Saturday 10–Sunday 17 April

Recorded Content available for daily Practice
In Your Own Time

Sunday 18 April 2021

Recap, Feedback and Q&A


  • The cost is £75 for the 2 LIVESTREAM ONLINE training sessions + 7 days of 20-minute recorded practice  
  • To reserve your place, please click the BOOK button

This workshop is open and accessible to all and is specifically aimed at those in the menopause or perimenopause stages of life.

If you are suffering/have suffered from a serious medical condition, please first consult your doctor before joining this workshop. 

Participants are muted during the workshop and are encouraged to interact and may ask questions through the chat function on Zoom. 

The medical information in this workshops is just that - information not advice. If in any doubt whatsoever please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional to check that these practices are suitable for you and your condition. No diagnosis is being offered at these workshops. 

 Workshops at the Shala are run independently and all payments for workshop services are accepted on behalf of the individual teacher. 

  • Purchases for workshops are non-refundable 
  • Cancellations may be made online up to 24-hours before the start of the workshop in which case your Shala account will be credited and you will be able to rebook for a workshop of a similar price
  • The workshop will be recorded and anyone who registers but is unable to attend the livestream event can email us to request a link to the recording, which will be available for 7 days after the event. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged as if you had attended. 
  • In the event that a workshop is cancelled by the Shala you will be offered a refund or the option to be transferred to an alternative event