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Immerse yourself in this full day livestreamed virtual Theming workshop. Learn how to authentically weave in themes to your classes, helping to inspire your students and creatively introduce yogic concepts in an accessible and meaningful way.

Theming workshop TT | Virtual | 10 hours

02 October 2021 | VIRTUAL LIVESTREAM with Jennie Wadsten

Theming as a Yoga Teacher is a wonderful way to keep your classes inspiring for the students and interesting for you as well. This inspiring one-day workshop can be attended by anybody, as a stand-alone course or as an optional module on our 300-hour programme

Optional: If you'd like to receive a 10 hour certificate upon completion, you will be required to do some homework around Theming, and you'll get the opportunity to get some individual feedback and guidance from your assignment from Jennie.

Course Overview

Many teachers “sandwich" themes in at the beginning and end of the class, which is not as powerful as a class that seamlessly interweaves a theme throughout. Learn to share the wisdom of yoga teachings through this workshop with long time teacher and lead Level 2 teacher Jennie Wadsten

Jennie teaches in an accessible and fun way and interactive way, encouraging yoga teachers to find their authentic voice and helping them to spread their yogic knowledge in a comprehensible, intelligent and useful way.  

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  • Course Content

    On this training, you will learn how to theme yoga classes in a way that is useful and inspiring for everyone.

    We will cover:

    • How to authentically find "your voice” when teaching
    • How to incorporate theming into sequences and how to repurpose these themes
    • Themes based upon different seasons or times of the year
    • How to interweave your theme throughout the entire class
    • Finding themes that resonate and are useful to your students “on and off the mat”
    • Where to find inspiration for theming
    • Verbal and non-verbal cues as a teacher to integrate your themes


    • Open to all including those wanting to enhance their home practice, yoga teachers, yoga students and studio owners
    • This course can be taken as a stand-alone course or an additional day on our Sequencing training
  • The course is VIRTUAL LIVESTREAM conducted via Zoom. You will have ample time for breaks and the day will be interactive
  • If you are completing the Sequencing course before this workshop you can amalgamate hours to receive a 50 hour certificate
  • Teacher Bio

    Jennie Wadsten E-RYT 500

    Jennie fell in love with yoga in 1997 and has been teaching full time since 2005. She has hosted a variety of trainings and workshops worldwide including Nidra, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama and Anatomy. She has completed a plethora of teacher trainings and continues in-depth studies with Josefin Wikström, Julie Martin, Josephine Selander, Heather Mason, Paul Grilley, Melanie Cooper and more.

    Jennie has specialist knowledge through studying psychology, psychiatry and social psychology on how yoga effects mental health and is a member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists).

    For Jennie teaching is about helping others to cultivate breath, awareness, strength and joy and taking these teachings into everyday life and “off the yoga mat". Her teaching style is warm, enthusiastic and encouraging, and contains an extensive knowledge of both biomechanics and fascia. She is passionate about how to make yoga safe, enjoyable, balancing for the nervous system and energising. Read Jennie's full biography here

    • "

      I cannot recommend Jennie enough. She is a very compassionate and knowledgeable teacher - you know you’re in safe hands with her. I’ve attended classes, workshops and teacher trainings with her and they have all been exceptional.


      Rachel, UK

    • "

      One of the most dedicated and professional teachers I have had the pleasure to meet. Jennie has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares with her students, always with a smile and kindness. Fun, charismatic and generous. A teacher's teacher.


      Katja Niemela

    • "

      Jennie is a wonderful yoga teacher, so full of knowledge, authority and care, plus lots of humour and playfulness. She creates an atmosphere that is welcoming and kind and never leaves any one behind. It’s easy to feel safe in Jennies hands. She is a breath of fresh air and I am grateful for her spirit, experience and energy that she contributes to the yoga world.


      Sophia Tillman, Sweden

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    Saturday 02 October 2021



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