Richard Holryd

Richard Holroyd

Richard began practicing Sivananda yoga and meditation in his mid-20's. He spent 4 years living in Tibetan and Theravada Buddhist centers learning meditation and mindfulness. A further two years were spent in India living in a Sivananda ashram and studying Ashtanga yoga in Mysore. Richard started teaching traditional Yoga in 2005 - working mainly in London. He discovered Aerial Yoga in 2011 and fell in love with it. His training in both the mental and physical aspects of Yoga has helped him to understand the potential that Aerial Yoga swings have to move people closer to a deeper, more transcendent experience of Yoga. While the many years that he has been fortunate enough to be using them, have taught him how to work safely and responsibly with this powerful tool of transformation. He started training others to teach Aerial Yoga in 2018 and currently hosts trainings in the UK & from his current home in Lithuania.