Ngaio Ballard

Ngaio has years of training and experience as a Pilates teacher and practitioner. Influenced by other movement disciplines, she is an intuitive teacher who finds fun new and creative ways to guide her students into an awareness of their own bodies. Every class is slightly different and her goal is to find success and freedom in movement.

Ngaio Ballard

Pilates Teacher

Ngaio’s has been practicing the Pilates method for over 25 years. Her Pilates journey began with Susanne Lahusen – a founder member of the Pilates Foundation – and she then went on to train in Pilates equipment with Dominique Jansen at Pilates Off The Square. This was in 2003, after many years of competitive swimming. Since then, she has gone on to explore many other forms of movement including Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, Ju jitsu, White Crane Kung Fu and Wing Chun. Yoga has also played a significant part in her life and she has spent at least 20 years practicing yoga with John Stirk and Susanne Lahusen, amongst others.

As a result Ngaio’s teaching reflects an intuitive approach, blending Eastern and Western movement disciplines. Every class is slightly different and unique with prep work that feeds in from different disciplines, to inform classical movements from Pilates. Her goal is to help connect the dots, and find success in your movement.

“Pilates movements inform us, they present us with new possibilities and choices in the way we move. It's such a delight to witness those light-bulb moments, the ones where you, the student, find strength, fluidity, precision and grace …. but most importantly freedom in your own body!”

When attending one of Ngaio’s classes, expect to be challenged, greatly encouraged, and most importantly to have fun!

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