Vera Dubrovina

Vera teaches with wisdom and calm, using her extensive knowledge of yoga and as a trained Doula to support her pregnancy yoga students to make the best choices during pregnancy and labour.

Vera Dubrovina

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Vera started practicing yoga in 1992 back in the former Soviet Union in an attempt to improve her health and take the family tradition of healing into the new direction. Yoga practice has allowed her to remain healthy, focused and sane through 19 year career in financial services. Whilst working full time and being a mother to two delightful children Vera continued to study yoga and meditation and eventually in 2004 took a momentous decision that she wanted to teach and help other people with this knowledge. Since then Vera picked up a number of qualifications such as teaching diplomas from British Wheel of Yoga with late Sarah Macintosh and Birthlight Diploma in ante and postnatal yoga with Francoise Freedman to further her on this path focusing primarily on female health, pregnancy and birth as her main points of expertise. Vera has extensive training in mindfulness and meditation and she also trained as a Doula with the inspiring Dr Michel Odent and doula Liliana Lammers and has been birth companion to over 30 births to-date which is an inspired work full of magical delight. Vera uses all this knowledge in a calm and practical way so that her pregnancy yoga students can make the best choices during pregnancy and labour. 

Vera’s creative teaching approach is drawing on many traditions but heavily influenced and inspired by the teachings arising from Sri Krishnamacharya’s lineage such as Viniyoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Her lessons are guided by her studies with Sylviane Gianina, Burgs and Shiva Rea, structured around meditative flow based practice and tuned to the individual needs. Vera has taught yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation to adults and children in group, corporate and private settings. In the past ten years with more focus on working in therapeutic setting and how this approach can be used on individual basis – this shift in teaching was enhanced by completion of Yoga Therapy Diploma with graduating distinction to ensure that she was well equipped to deliver consistent individual care.

When not teaching retreats, workshops and group pregnancy yoga, Vera works primarily in one-to-one setting as she believes that therapeutic yoga develops good level of health and well-being as well as aiding recovery from physical and mental ailments as it works on specific conditions in a targeted way. Yoga Therapy combines techniques and tools from many styles and branches to develop self-practice that will aim to address the given condition. More importantly, it is the recognition that integration of mind and body as the key ingredient in healing process that is being explored during yoga therapy sessions. What Vera particularly loves about this approach is that anybody receive yoga therapy: you don’t need to be fit or flexible, your age is irrelevant and you don’t need to have any yoga practice experience. All you need is the desire to change your health for the better and be committed to the practice and the rest will come. Vera loves treating people because even after one session you can experience the sense of relief from pain or exhaustion bringing a smile on your face and this makes a real difference.