Antonio de la Fe

Mindfulness and self-awareness are infused into Antonio's Pilates classes and he shares many years of experience as a Physiotherapist and Dancer into his teaching.

Antonio studied physiotherapy in Spain before he started a professional training in dance. In 2003, whilst training as a dancer, he completed his Pilates training in order to focus on using Pilates as a rehabilitation tool. In 2006, he moved to London to undertake a more intense dance training, completing a Cert HE and MA in contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School.

Antonio's background in physiotherapy and dance strongly influences his teaching style, which takes a body-mind approach to Pilates. He is interested in mental imagery, mindfulness and self-awareness and applies it to his Pilates to help clients to move with full-body integration, efficiency and ease. Antonio is a warm, approachable teacher who has helped countless students to improve everyday patterns in order to prevent future injuries and reduce discomfort from repetitive movement habits.