Fiona Duff

Fiona has a holistic approach to healthcare, helping us to make energetic shifts through a combination of acupuncture (and electro acupuncture), cupping and shiatsu, alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Fiona Duff

Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage Therapist

Fiona, BSc. (Hons.) MBAcC, is a fully qualified acupuncturist and a registered member of The British Acupuncture Council. She trained at Westminster University, London and did further training in tuina and acupuncture at Huaihua Medical College, Hunan Province, China. She has done postgraduate studies in paediatrics, dermatology and cosmetic acupuncture and although she is a general practitioner, she does have a special interest in women's health, fertility and musculoskeletal problems.

She has a holistic approach to healthcare, offering nutritional and lifestyle advice as part of any treatment plan. She incorporates bodywork, cupping and electro acupuncture in her treatments if she feels it is appropriate. Fiona is also a Shiatsu therapist, which may be a more suitable treatment for people who have difficulty with needles

Many years of movement practice supports her work, helping her to make energetic shifts, strengthening her natural vitality and developing her sensitivity to Qi. She is an Instructor in the movement system Kitaido and a 2nd Dan black belt in Bojutsu and teaches classes in London.

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