Unlimited Monthly YOGA Pass

Prices | Unlimited Monthly YOGA Pass

If you practice two or more times a week, the Unlimited Monthly Yoga Pass is the best value option for you. This pass allows unlimited access to our Yoga classes for the exceptional value of £89/month. The more you come the cheaper the class – from as little as £3 a visit.

This pass includes membership benefits:


  • 20% discount on workshops
  • 20% discount on other online store purchases
  • Mix and match with Pilates with a 20% discount off single classes
  • A free' bring a friend' pass every 6 months
  • the opportunity to store your mat at the Shala free of charge


Rolling monthly payments are automated, there is no contract and no minimum subscription – all we require is 30 days notice via email should you wish to cancel.


General Terms
  • rolling monthly payments are automated and continue indefinitely until cancelled
  • there is no minimum subscription period 
  • cancellation should be given by email with 30 days notice confirming the reason for cancellation 
  • your pass may be suspended via email for a period of two weeks up to 6 consecutive months for £20 per suspension or £20 per month if longer than 30 days 
  • the pass activates on the date you purchase it the pass is valid for all our regular Yoga classes only (it excludes Pilates, Pre-/Post-Natal, Kids/Teens and Workshops) 
  • the pass allows up to 2 classes per day 
  • it is not possible to extend the pass to allow for sickness, holidays or absences 
  • payment must be paid irrespective of whether or not you use the Studio’s facilities 
  • you are requested to book ALL classes online in order to secure a place in the classes 
  • it is only possible to book for the 30 day cycle for which payment has been taken; if you are unable to book a class it is usually because the class is falling within the next payment cycle and you will need to wait until that payment has been taken 
  • the Shala cannot guarantee by paying for a pass, that there will always be a space available in class 
  • we reserve the right to make changes to our schedule which includes a reduced schedule during school holidays; wherever possible changes such as teacher substitutions, cancelled classes, time changes, holiday closures, will be reflected on our online schedule 
  • if a booking is affected by a schedule change, you will be notified by email (please ensure you are opted in for notifications at our website); we do not send notifications for teacher substitutions 
  • payments are non refundable and non transferable
Cancellations, No Shows and Late Arrivals
  • all class cancellations should be made via our website – we do not accept class cancellations by phone or by email 
  • we operate a strict 6-hour cancellation policy for all our classes 
  • we reserve the right to charge £5 a class if someone no shows or late- cancels more than once a month on an unlimited pass. We also reserve the right to take booking privileges away from anyone who repeatedly no shows or late cancels on this pass 
  • late arrivals will usually not be allowed entry in to the class