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Foam-roller thursday

Use of Foam Rollers in our Thursday evening Pilates classes helps with core engagement, alignment, improved recovery time. This month we focus on Myofascial release.

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If you’ve been attending Thursday evening Pilates throughout the summer, you’ve already felt the benefits of using the Pilates Foam roller. We’ve used the Foam Roller to challenge your stabilisers when we’ve sat, knelt and laid upon it. Across the board you’ve commented how incorporating the foam roller into the Pilates repertoire you already know and love has helped you with core engagement, alignment, improved recovery time and releasing muscle tension.

In September classes we will incorporate elements of Self-Myofascial release (SMR) a type of soft tissue therapy that focuses on the muscles, nerves and fascia (connective tissues). Tight muscles and fascial thickening restrict movements, overload and sensitise tissues and lead to imbalance in the body.

Increase your ease of movement, range of movement, improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and transform your breath with SMR with the foam roller.

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