Dynamic | Open Level

An uplifting, energising class with creative twists on traditional yoga poses.

Dynamic Yoga (Jivamukti, Dharma, Rocket) | All Levels

In West Norwood & Dulwich

Our Dynamic All Levels classes are playful, revitalising and fun, helping you build strength, stamina and flexibility while getting your energy flowing. The sequencing in these classes changes regularly and incorporates creative variations on traditional poses such as sun salutations, twists and backbends. 

Depending on the teacher, our Dynamic classes will draw on influences from Dharma, Jivamukti and Rocket schools of yoga. Combining soft and strong poses, these uplifting classes are designed to help you rebalance and rejuvenate. They will often offer up new challenges and surprises with new postures you may not yet have discovered. Expect a strong, vinyasa-based practice, often accompanied by music which usually incorporates a sprinkling of meditation and/or pranayama and a deep relaxation. All levels welcome, including beginners.

Each teacher brings their own personality and style of yoga to the class. View our schedule below and find out more about the style of a specific class by clicking on the teacher's name.

Our yoga classes are usually taught in a high-heat (but not excessively hot) environment at around 23–25ºC, which is ideal for safely encouraging flexibility and allowing a gentle detoxification process. 


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A beginners yoga class that is designed to offer a more dynamic and challenging introduction to yoga than our flow classes.
Depending on your fitness levels, we recommend staying at this level for a minimum of 6-12 weeks and then progressing to Level 2 when you have built up sufficient stamina.
  • If you are suffering/have suffered from a medical condition (including heart condition, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure) or a serious injury, it is essential you first consult your doctor before joining classes. Please then discuss this with us before booking so we can advise you on a personalised programme. 
  • Minor health issues and injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class. Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss.
  • Pregnant women of 14+ weeks may join this class – it is essential that you notify the teacher as some modifications will be required and the teacher will advise you accordingly. 
  • Post-natal women may join this class from 3 months. Prior to that we recommend Post Natal Pilates from 6 weeks.