Pilates | Open Level

Improve alignment, enhance mobility and build strength and body tone at our energising mixed level Pilates classes. All levels welcome, including beginners.

Pilates | All Levels

In West Norwood & Dulwich

Pilates is a highly effective movement class, emphasising slow precise movements to build up strength. It aims to improve the core strength of the body while maintaining flexibility, targeting the deep postural muscles of the body using set exercises and breathing techniques.

This class is a balanced blend of our level 1 and level 2 Pilates classes. Our teachers are skilled at accommodating various abilities but we recommend trying out Pilates Foundations class first unless if you have never done Pilates before. Our classes involve mat work using small pieces of equipment such as bands and soft balls. The number of participants is limited to allow as much individual attention as possible.

Movements in the class are highly focused and precise, focusing on building core muscle strength, mobility and balancing the mind body connection. Each class will include the 8 principles of Pilates (Concentration, Relaxation, Alignment, Breathing, Core Strength, Coordination, Flowing movement, Stamina).

Pilates is excellent for those recovering from injury or experiencing muscle weakness. When movement becomes altered through weakness or injury, faulty movement patterns occur which can lead to mis-alignment and pain. Pilates will look for those poor movement patterns and seek to change them, thereby healing dysfunction and pain and then continuing to build good balanced strength and mobility.

This unique exercise system has obvious benefits for those with back pain, existing injuries and injury prevention, older adults, those with postural requirements such as pregnant and post-natal Mums as well as experienced athletes and exercisers who want to maintain a strong balanced body.

Read more about our talented team of pilates teachers.

Short Film of our Pilates Class

This class is for those who have had experience of Pilates and understand the basics. The class is not suitable for pregnant women.

  • If you are suffering/have suffered from a medical condition (including heart condition, chest pains, dizziness, high blood pressure) or a serious injury, it is essential you first consult your doctor before joining classes. Please then discuss this with us before booking so we can advise you on a personalised programme.
  • Minor health issues and injuries should be discussed with your teacher before the class. Please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss.
  • These classes are not suitable for pregnant women, unless you have already been practicing Pilates at the Shala and discussed continuing classes with your teacher. 
  • Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for post-natal rehabilitation. Post-natal mothers must have had their six week check before attending class. They may attend any of the classes but are advised to arrive ten minutes early to discuss. 

Pilates classes at the Shala are run independently by Precise Pilates and all payments for Pilates services are accepted on their behalf. Terms are detailed within each individual price plan.