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Breath for life series

Learn about the profound healing power of breath in a ground-breaking series of workshops that explores the most important discoveries in breath research and teaches simple effective life-changing techniques.

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We are introducing a new series of fascinating Breath for Life Workshops at the Shala which will explore the most important discoveries in breath research from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science. These workshops will share the healing power of the breath and how breath can be the most powerful tool we have. An astounding 95% of our energy comes in from the breath, 70% of waste that the body eliminates goes out through the breath. The breath is therefore the first place we should look to affect change with a wide range of conditions from insomnia to panic attacks, asthma and depression. 

In each workshop you can expect to hear what’s most useful, rapidly effective and easy to learn and participate in simple and safe breath practices that have worked in over 150 countries around the world.


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