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Derek Ireland & Gingi Lee

1995 baga beach is the place

Three intense practices a day through the winter of 95-96 on Derek Ireland’s yoga teacher training course, Baga Beach, Goa, India.

Yoga Retreat Crete

1994 yoga oasis in crete

It all begins at the Practice Place in Greece with Derek Ireland

GIngi Lee in Mysore

1993 mysore no money

Visiting the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore.

Gingi Lee Sketch Book

1992 seduced by ashtanga yoga

First experience of ashtanga yoga in Hampi, India

Swami Shayam

1991 beckoned by a swami

Discovering the path of yoga with Swami Shyam Yogi in Pushkar

Gingi Lee Art

1990 india calls

Gingi Lee travels, paints and teaches tai chi in India in the early 1990s

GIngi Lee Tai Chi

1987 the warrior path

Gingi Lee training and teaching martial arts in Paris, London and abroad.

Gingi Lee Karate

1985 karate kid

Gingi Lee training with Sensei Richard Lee (Hanshi) in Paris, France.