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The non-nutrition guide to nutrition

Amanda Morley shares how her exploration of the breath has improved her offering as a nutritionist and helped to heal her personally as well

The menopause

Researched in private clinical trials, this unique method for menopause is a natural intervention and practice without any supplements or additional treatments. And only positive side effects.

Yoga nidra as a journey through the brain waves

A blog by Melanie Cooper

What is nidra and how can it help me?

what is nidra and how can it help me?

Reasons to love live streamed classes

Ten reasons why we love live streamed classes and why we will be continuing with our Virtual offerings into the future.

Message to our community

Message to our community and a poem a poem of solidarity written by Gingi Lee #blacklivesmatter

The virtual shala

Welcome to our Virtual Shala here to keep you sane and grounded and connected.

Derek ireland day of celebration

The Shala is dedicated to Derek Ireland. Gingi recounts some memories of an inspirational yogi.

What is yoga nidra?

Yoga Nidra is an incredibly rich set of practices taking us to a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping where profound change can take place.

What is low pressure fitness?

Simone Muller explains to us how Low Pressure Fitness works and its benefits for post-natal rehabilitation, as well as sharing her own experiences of using this highly effective core-training technique.