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Yoga Classes in Balham

2008 institutionalised

Not a lot of prana in the local library…

Yoga Wedding Vows

2007 marriage vows in the south of france

A yoga practice of love…

Yoga Studio in Balham

2007 the short but sweet balham era

Ashtanga yoga practices in the Balham Shala

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat

2007 jungle magic

Yoga retreat in magical eco village Ulpotha in the heart of the Sri Lankan jungle.

The Shala in Balham

A tight squeeze

Not a great deal of room, but full of energy and some great yoga!

Gingi Lee Tai Chi

2006 one little tai chi student

Gingi practices tai chi with blissed out Kaya on a retreat in the Cevennes

The Shala, Balham

2006 a new shala era

We make a Balham mews house our new place of practice

Sangam Yoga Centre Battersea

2006 meeting of the rivers

The Sangam yoga community evolves over the years in its unique Battersea space.

Rolf & Marci Ashtanga Yoga

2005 rolf & marci’s thai shala

Practicing on Koh Phangan with Rolf and Marci Naujokat

Chateau des Pauses Retreat

2005 chateau shala

Over the years the Chateau des Pauses becomes the summer Shala outpost