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7 reasons to try pilates

To celebrate our 7 days a week pilates schedule here are 7 good reasons to try pilates.

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1. Pilates is a good choice for everyone

From athletes to grandparents everybody is able to join in… You don’t need a high fitness level to start a Level 1 Pilates session at the Shala. Pilates will slowly work on your fitness level, core strength and improve your flexibility.

2. Stress relief

The concentration required for the complex movements in Pilates helps release physical and mental tensions. In Precise Pilates classes you are taught breathing patterns to match muscles movements that you can use in your day to day life. Many people who suffer from stress or anxiety find breathing exercises extremely helpful.

3. Build strength and tone muscles

Nothing can build core strength like Pilates… Pilates is a complete system not just focusing on the core and back. In class you will tone glutes, thighs and upper body all in 1 hour. Every exercise focuses on keeping your core engaged while you stretch out other groups of muscles. All of the balancing exercises are multitaskers that concentrate on groups of muscles rather than on one spot. This means your whole body always gets a full work out.

4. Correct posture

Modern stresses like sitting at a desk all day or driving long distances have a really negative effect on our muscles and as a result many adults notice their posture starts to suffer. Precise Pilates teaches you how to realign your body by using challenging stances and exercises to get the most from your rarely used muscles.

5. Relive back pain and long held shoulder and neck pain

The stretches and exercises help realign your joints, taking strain away from overworked areas and encourages under-utilised muscles to engage. The Pilates system draws oxygen back into tired muscles and leaves you feeling strong and rejuvenated

6. Gain body awareness and fix your own strains

As you are more involved in the healing process you’ll understand your body, train better movement and prevent future injuries.

7. Have fun

Pilates is an investment that you’ll enjoying making. Exercises are precise but training in groups provides a light and fun atmosphere. As you master the exercises your confidence will grow too.

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