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2008 back to island roots

Shimmering mediterranean seas, wide open skies, luminous moons and a spiritual home to the yoga

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The island of Crete has a legacy of yoga. For it is here that Derek Ireland and Radha Warrell set up the original Practice Place Yoga centre in the late 80s and exposed so many people to the practice of Ashtanga as well as to healthy living and holistic therapies. Gingi spent two seasons at the Practice Place in the mid 90s working, teaching tai chi and practicing with Derek. In 2007 on an invitation from Kristina Ireland, Gingi returns to Crete with a group of students – “it felt like coming home in a way. A tribute.” It is also a marked occasion because his first child Kaya speaks her first word “moon”! She too is blown away by the luminous moon.

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