shala introductory offer

The best way for new students to explore our varied schedule of 45+ weekly classes is with our new student introductory offer. For £45 you have 30 days to discover our range of yoga and Pilates classes and our talented team of teachers.


Pilates is a perfect compliment to yoga, enhancing core strength, mobilising the spine and offering all-round body conditioning. Find out more about the benefits.

teens yoga

Our Teens yoga classes allow invaluable space for teenagers to overcome anxiety and build self esteem. Watch our short film.

ashtanga mysore self practice

Watch an ashtanga Mysore self practice class in motion. These classes run six days a week, including early mornings.

yoga teacher training

A one year multi-disciplinary yoga teacher training programme with three highly experienced teachers, Mark Kan (left), Gingi Lee (centre) and Norman Blair (right).

pregnancy yoga classes

Our ante-natal yoga classes and workshops have supported and nurtured hundreds of South London women through pregnancy and birth. View our short film.

mother & baby classes

We offer uplifting yoga classes for mother and baby to help with post-natal rehabilitation and bonding with your baby.

yoga & pilates in south london

A sanctuary for self nurture, growth and healing in South London, the Shala is a well established yoga centre with a reputation for exceptional teaching. For nearly 20-years, our focus has been on enhancing well-being through yoga, Pilates, mind-body workshops and complimentary therapies.

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An introduction to the Shala and the classes we have on offer.

Featured Blogs

  • My Body Rolling Journey

    Gingi Lee talks about his discovery of Yamuna Body Rolling and why he has found it such a powerful method of physical self-help, healing and sustainability.

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  • Italy Retreat 2018

    Next October we will returning to Puglia, Southern Italy to run a one week ashtanga yoga and Yamuna bodyrolling retreat.

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    Your breath has the power to completely change your life. Learn more and how, with the brilliant Ben Wolff...

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  • The Gift of Mindfulness

    The precious gift of mindfulness and being present. Ahead of her Introduction to Mindfulness workshop, our teacher Aoife shares about the practice of mindfulness, being present and how it correlates to happiness.

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  • Yoga for the Family

    Family yoga is the perfect activity for the whole family, creating bonds through partner poses, acrobatics, stories, mindful games and play. Share quality time together and relax!

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  • What is Body Rolling?

    Learn about Body Rolling; the technical, practical and therapeutic system created by international teacher Yamuna Zake.

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